Thursday Hint

What does Wickland Jacqueline’s Lincoln mean?

I’m using voice recognition software because my arm has been hurting a while. I injured myself helping someone here at home. (Rick Walton used Dragon when his Parkinson’s got bad.  Now I am a fan, not because it works really well — it is great– but because my pal used Dragon.)


when I said “wiggling and jiggling and slinking” this morning in my wrasseling book, Wickland Jacqueline’s Lincoln came out.

This hint is about revision. Don’t include it in your one hour of writing. I read a little bit of the previous day’s work before I start my next  one hour to get me back into the groove and the voice. But I don’t spend my one hour rewriting. That time is for new words.

A part of you will want to rewrite. I  get it. I want to also. But don’t. Save revision for when we all are done in just a few days.

Unless you have Wickland Jacqueline’s Lincoln. That you can rewrite.


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3 responses to “Thursday Hint

  1. Karen Pierotti

    Ha ha! One thing that can be said about using Dragon (I couldn’t get it to work well on my old computer so I didn’t pursue it) it’ll give you a laugh. Of course, having a British accent doesn’t help even when I “programmed” it to recognize me.

  2. thank you for this. I needed the reminder. I haven’t gotten an hour every day but have tried to do at least a little bit each day on at least one book . . . and I am running away to write ALL day Friday and I’m super excited. I need to remember: no revising.


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