You did it!

You are amazing! Did you accomplish 32 hours of writing? Did you take weekends off?

Did you reach your goal?

While I didn’t write every day, man, I tried. And I accomplished two big things. (I had hoped for three, but I am thrilled with the two.)

So, how do you feel?

Share your goals, if you’d like. What did you do? How would you have changed this challenge? How did you get your time in? What was the easiest part of the challenge fo you? What was the hardest?

I can tell you the hardest part for me. Even though I told my family for days that I was taking the hour in the mornings, they still intruded on the hour. I whined about this with the first interruptions, then I figured out I was going to need to figure out how to work anyway.

What was the best part for you?

The best for me was knowing out there, somewhere, other people were giving an hour a day to their writing. I loved the idea of community.

Ann Dee, Kyra and I will let you know where we’ll eat. Would you love to do a potluck? That might be great fun. Go to Olive Garden again? Whatever we decide, let’s make this an annual tradition.

And remember this–YOU ROCK!

PS Guess what awaits you? REVISION!


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4 responses to “YAHOO!!!!

  1. Hallelujah! I did it! The best part for me was that this challenge gave me the motivation to finally set aside an hour every day for writing. Another great thing was that my husband was on board. He had agreed to support me in this, so when I said I was starting my writing time, he happily went into his man cave. Then I set my timer for 65 minutes (allowing for a five-minute break to get up and move) and got to work.

    Setting the timer allowed me to focus on my writing because I didn’t have to watch the clock, and it was only for an hour. I can do that, right? I had a grandson due to be born any day, so I actually wrote for one hour and fifteen minutes most days, to build credit for when I needed to be with my daughter. Knowing myself (that I like to make excuses), I allowed only three days worth of credit. I also used the Keep Going app as extra motivation.

    Thanks for the challenge! I needed it.

  2. angelamillsap

    This was the most amazing month. Success, failures, general school starting craziness. But it was productive! I love my new writing habits, and am excited about the 29k words I cranked out. Let me know when/where the potluck will be!

  3. benschwensch

    The BenschWensch: 42 hours & 29 minutes; 38,095 words.
    Thanks for “pushing” me ! ! !

  4. Shar Petersen

    I didn’t track my hours but I did get into a good writing groove! I’m moving forward with writing two to three hours a day for the rest of September and all of October. Goal & Deadline: finish first draft by Nov 1. My reward is to attend Writing for Charity. So. Lots to do!


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