Day 2 and I may or may  not already be a tiny itty bitty bit behind on my goals. But that’s okay, because I will catch up tonight at our NANO party! (It’s in Orem. email my  mom for deetz!)
Sometimes it’s hard to start fresh when you’re in the middle of revisions, but I think I can do it!
How is everyone else doing? Did everyone reach their goals yesterday?

Keep it up!

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  1. benschwensch

    Yes, I’m writing for NaNo AND for WIFYR AND for WMFW (that’s the critique group I”ve been in for about two life-ties). I am doing two things at once (and if that’s not AGAINST the Rules, it SHOULD be ! ! ! ); I finished my novel StoonSaga: The Riddle of Griffin Ride (which I’ve been working on for YEARS, but finally got serious and finished it at the end of July. So, for NaNo, I’m going to write a fairy-tale mashup, which might even have some MAGIC. Did I reach my goal? (The normal NaNo goal is to write 50K words, at the rate of 1667 words per day.) So, if I’m “re-writing” one and coming up with a NEW story line for the other, that should be 50,000 the magical fairy tale and 50,000 on StoonSaga. I’m pretty sure that “only” 50K will not take care of ALL the rewriting; but the GENERAL aim should be 100K for BOTH books, and 3,334K per day.
    Whew! Thank goodness I got 3,589 for Nov. 1 — yesterday.

    The BenschWensch


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