Lynne Snyder

Last week, my dear friend Lynne Snyder died.

When my daughter approached me, her face had this look like–how do I tell Mom? I knew another person had died. But Lynne? She was just diagnosed with leukemia.  How could this be?

Don’t think you know Lynne? She’s the person who commented so often here on the blog. Always words of encouragement. Man, am I going to miss seeing what she thinks of what Ann Dee or Kyra or I have written.

I love Lynne and I will miss her. She was funny, extremely kind, and man, had she hoed the road. I remember she told me she walked around for a week–in agony–having no idea she had a broken leg (had she broken her femur?). Her writing was incredible. I met her years ago when someone trashed her work–along with the work of many other writers–and she was determined to never write a gain. Then I read her stories. I was blown away. So much talent. She painted (watercolor) and made caramels that would make you cry, they were so good. But what she did best was love people. All people. No matter who they were or what they did. She opened her arms to the world. Lucky for me, I made it into those arms.

I asked a dear friend, DeAnn Campbell to say a few things about Lynne. Here is her tribute.

Years ago, when I lived in Utah, Carol Lynch Williams introduced me to Lynne Snyder. “You should be in a writing group together,” she told us. And so we were. Our small group of three and sometimes four met weekly. We wrote, we critiqued, but we also loved and laughed and cried and shared each other’s lives. I once heard an author say that all writing in its heart is about loss. Now we’ve lost our beloved Lynne Snyder.


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5 responses to “Lynne Snyder

  1. I met Lynne years ago in a class at WIFYR I believe. Or maybe somewhere else through you, Carol. and I ADORED her. We didn’t keep in touch, but she left a smile on my soul and I remember reading the memoirs she shared and her blog posts and crying at how beautiful and real and full they were. These tributes you both shared show us just how beautiful and real and full she was (is). I’m so sorry for this heartbreaking loss. Much love to you all.

  2. Sherita M Hall

    Oh, Carol, you have lost so many friends. I am very sorry the world had to lose this dear woman. I didn’t know her, bur if you loved her so much she must have been wonderful. I am glad you have so many good memories to draw from when you think of her. I love you, and hope you are OK.

  3. This makes me so very sad. She will be terribly missed.

  4. Karen Pierotti

    I didn’t know Lynne but I wish I had. Beautiful tributes. I’m sorry for your loss, Carol and DeAnn.

  5. I am doing nanowrimo and was searching the internet for help with a title and came upon your blog and this post. My story is about a writing club and in it a member, Maggie May, dies of cancer. She changes the people in her writing club forever. Lynn sounds like a beautiful person. What a tribute your post is to her. Hopefully, her son was waiting for her. I too lost a son.


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