How is everyone doing? Ya’ll hitting your goals for NaNoWriMo?
I’ve kind of pushed some of my *new writing* to the side to finish up some *old writing*
I have to say, the revisions aren’t nearly as fun. But I’m still getting it done!

We will be meeting at my house to write, eat, and talk (but only a little talking!) Mostly, we’ll just be writing.
If anyone is interested in participating, email my mom! (or comment below and I can send you the details in an email)

If you’d like to share your word count, comment below! Let’s see that progress.

Happy writing!


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2 responses to “NANO

  1. Karen Pierotti

    I’m behind about 10,500 words. It’s been that kind of week. Oh wait, all my weeks are “that kind of week.” I’m also starting in the middle of a second novel and it’s been a hard slog. Anyway, I’m just going to write and explore as I write. And that’s often fun. It’s why I do NaNo. And then comes the hard stuff: rewriting/revision.


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