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Merry Christmas!!!

Today is the first official day of December and as a Christmas gift to ourselves and to you, we are going to post a writing challenge each day.

Day 1: Write for ten minutes about your mother. What does she look like? What does she talk like? What does she like to do? What does she talk about? Does she drink Diet Coke on the back porch? Does she love to go to the library? The movies? The beach? What was she like when you were little? Did she read to you? Yell at you? Make you finish your fish casserole? If you could tell her anything right now, what would you tell her? If you could take her anywhere right now, where would you take her? If she was a character in a book, what would be the thing that drives her? What does she want more than anything else in the world? And what holds her back? What are her flaws? Who does she love? Who does she confide it? How does she use her time? What does she do when things go bad? Does she ride bikes? Does she eat cotton candy? Does she live in Florida in the winter? On a cruise ship (people really do live on cruise ships)? Is she gone forever but actually not gone at all? Write about your mom. Not for your mom, but about your mom. Write it without worrying that she’ll read it. Write it without worrying you might get it wrong or right or anything else. Just let your fingers fly and see what happens.

Merry first day of Christmas.

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