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Merry Merry Christmas! Day 2 & 3

Hello Friends.

Today we cut down a Christmas Tree! And we’re reading Christmas books! And listening to Christmas Chronicles!

For your writing exercise today (Day 2) do this: Write the last page of a novel set at Christmas time. You can take characters you already know and use them or you can end a brand new book. Either way, try write a finale before you write anything else. It might be weird. It might be cheesy. But you should try it anyway.

For tomorrow, Sunday (Day 3): Write a gratitude letter. To your partner, to your son, to your grandma, to your teacher. Write one from a character in your novel to another character in your novel. Write one to your critique group, to your mailman. Write one to your best friend. Maybe write one to yourself, for all the good things you’ve done this year or perhaps write one to God, an appropriate writing gift for the first Sunday in December.

Much love.

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