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Merry Christmas Day 6

We all have secrets.

These secrets are hidden from most others and are sometimes hidden from ourselves. Some secrets may be harder to hide during The Holidays. They may make a person more generous or more Scrooge-like. Whatever, our secrets are a part of us. And when we are writing, secrets can make for a more interesting character.

I just realized one of my characters was wildly in love with a guy she’s dated behind her best friend’s back. Secrets complicate plots, make for a juicier read, and give you something to write about. And while this isn’t a big secret in my book, it’s one the character has carried for a decade.

What are your character’s secrets?

Write three.

Make each one more dark than the one before.

Part Two of Merry Christmas Day 6:

Imagine this secret is revealed on Christmas Day, without the main character wanting it to be known.

What happens next?


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