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Merry Christmas Day 9 & 10

Woot woot!

Merry Christmas Day 9

Make this beautiful pie X 2.


(When I grow up I’m going to remember how to save pictures on this blog.)

Now, when the pies are freezing, imagine a girl who is a bit of a klutz.

She can’t walk without falling.

She can’t adjust her own glasses without poking herself in the eye.

She decides to make this pie, too. How does she do? Is she Amelia Bedelia? Or me? Write her experience.

Merry Christmas Day 10

Share the second pie with someone who needs it. You can decide who that person is and why there is a need.

Before you take the pie over, write a note expressing your love for this person. You may give it along with the pie, or treasure the thoughts for yourself. However, I have found when I don’t move on a particular thought (when it comes to others), I always miss an opportunity.


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