Day Seven, 2019

It happened. I got to the beginning of the middle of my novel. And I froze. Froze.

This happens every time I write a book. I get to the beginning of the middle and then I have this little whiny panic attack and then, after a week or so, I start writing again.

But that can’t happen now. I don’t have a week or two. That would put me behind at least 12,000 words. (There are those of you who can write that many words in a couple of days, but not me!)

My word count stood at about 1300+ words. I ended a chapter and then–the FEELING that I couldn’t do this, no matter what I had written before, hit me.

What to do? I took a deep breath and typed at the top of the next page: What Could Happen Next? For the next fifteen or so minutes, I brainstormed all about the aliens and the newly introduced humans (Yes! The aliens are on earth!).

I kept close to the story as I wrote ideas. I do have that bit of a shape in my head. I know, sorta, what’s going to happen.  I brainstormed why or why not something would or would not work. I put in bits of dialogue that might happen. I shaped the next day or two in the story timeline.

What happened with this freewriting? I talked myself away from the panic that the beginning of the middle always causes for me.

Tomorrow I know where to start.

What about you? Where are you headed? How are you getting through the tough areas?

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One response to “Day Seven, 2019

  1. Bruce Luck

    I totally do that. The question is, can you include those words you come up with as part of your daily word count? My free rambling writing goes something like now the MC needs to do this or that and before long, I’m writing things down in their voice. Stuff I’ll use later pretty much as is. so count it. Hope that doesn’t make me a NaNo cheat.


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