Day 14, 2019

Last night someone was riding in our neighborhood, firing a gun. Not a small gun. Something loud. (That’s just an aside. We’re okay.)

I thought this morning I would add a few hints of how to get through the rest of the month by looking at what the experts say. We’re almost halfway done with this writing venture and that means you are almost halfway done with your novel.

Half. Way. Done!

Here are a few hints from me and then I’ll link the experts below sighting where to start reading. Some of these tell how to prepare for NaNoWriMo and we are way past that.

~Are you rewriting? Don’t!  Okay, anyone who has been in my writing classes knows I’m all about the word as well as the story, so not rewriting is hard. And when I write a book, I rewrite from Day Two. It’s the way the process works for me.

But not this month. I’m putting the words down and letting them fall as they may.  Sometimes I’m cringing but mostly I’m trying to ignore if something isn’t as crisp as it should be. December will tell me if I have a good dirty draft or one that ain’t worth nothing.

Rewriting is my favorite sport, after all!

~Are you allowing your characters to move the action of the story? Do!

When my aliens arrive on earth they need a place to stay and a few humans to help them. When I was figuring things out, writing and discovering, I realized that these hosts were going to help in a way I never expected. I was happily surprised at what my characters chose to do.

~Are you trusting yourself? Do!

I just added a character that’s gonna end up dead and nekkid (maybe not nekkid, nekkid). I didn’t see her coming and then there she was in line. I’m keeping this surprise character and using this poor Floridian as a first kill and to further the plot.

Okay, so below, I found three articles you might find interesting. There are truths in each that will help you no matter if you are competing in NaNo or not.


This one has lots of memes!


This is a collection of lots of people’s experiences.


Start at Finishing Your First Draft, #13


Are you reading these articles instead of writing your words? Don’t!

Get back to work!

(By the way, did anyone decide to reward themselves for getting halfway through the month? It’s time!)


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2 responses to “Day 14, 2019

  1. Bruce Luck

    Thanks, Carol, for the inspiration.


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