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Sweating and Stressing

Friends, an article said it takes two to eight months to make a habit. What do you think? Has it started to become a habit? Also, Anne Tyler who I like very much said this:


Keep going, my friends. Keep going.




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is it going?

Here is a poem to think about.

My favorite stanza:

When it’s over, I want to say all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

Maybe at the beginning of your writing time, write about this.

One hour a day. xoxo

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by | August 22, 2017 · 11:12 am

Being Nice to Yourself

Ladies and Gents,

I’m a big believer in being kind to yourself. Did you miss a day? Maybe even two? What??!! Three???? GASP!

Not really.

Don’t despair.

We love you and you are not off the hook. Here is what you do:

Start again today.

I had a rough week with many things like ketchup and eclipses and laundry and people going in and out of school for various reasons and two littles following me around. It was not the perfect week HOWEVER, I am soldiering on. I am adding minutes to make up for days I was short and I am eating lots of cherry tomatoes.

So, start today.

Don’t worry about yesterday (unless you burned your eyes–if that’s the case, go see a doctor) and let’s keep going!



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Today is the day!!!

Are you ready?

Have you set aside time?

Are you prepared to battle the urge to look at social media or get some food or straighten up the office (the only time I feel like cleaning is when it’s time to write)?

Remember, it’s one hour, every day, for the next month. One hour. If you have to do it in 15 minute increments, IT STILL COUNTS!

Here’s my tip for today: Push through. If you get stuck, keep going. Or write something else. But keep writing. Don’t stop.

Here is one more tip but it’s not really a tip because I don’t know how to use it yet: I recently was told about todoist. This is a website/app that lets you organize your checklists and things you need to get done. It can be daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly/yearly tasks. I can see this as a great asset for getting writing in daily. Also for planning what you want to write when. You could add in reading assignments, craft things you want to study, goals you want to make, etc. I’m going to try it and see if it helps me. If you end up using it and liking it, let us know.

So, when are you going to write each day? Commit! For me it’s going to be different every day because of my life but I’m going to make it happen. Today it’s 10:30-11:30. xoxox


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The August Challenge . . .

Public school in our district starts on TUESDAY, AUGUST 15TH. This is very soon. Before that date, I need to do 1,000,000 things including sit on the shores of Bear Lake and drink lemonade. Also, clean out an office for myself. Also also, get lots of people ready for school etc. It’s a busy time. After August 15th, it will not be so busy (hahahahahahahahaha!!! A girl can dream, right?).

Going on that time assumption, here’s what we propose: On August 15th the challenge begins.

What: Write for one hour a day. The end.

How: Buy this thing. Or buy this. Or maybe just set your kitchen timer. Or let your kids watch one hour long episode of Paw Patrol (please don’t do this). You figure it out but you must make time, ONE HOUR, every single day except Sundays. We will do this until September 15th.

Where: Your writing space. You might say, I don’t have a writing space. I need to prepare a writing space. I say, you have fifteen days to prepare a writing space. You have fifteen days to get your life in order so that you can devote one beautiful hour to deep and true writing. You have fifteen days to buy the white board, to get your sticky notes, to go do research in Alabama or Armenia.

But: No buts.

What about: During the writing hour, you are not allowed to look at any social media. You are not allowed to do any internet research. You are not allowed to read email or talk to friends or eat loads of popcorn. You may suck on a jolly rancher or perhaps a fire ball. You may have a drink but not if it’s going to cause you to go to the bathroom. If you do go to the bathroom, you must add that time to the hour. You are not allowed to clean your space. You are not allowed to look out the window and think about what groceries you are going to get at Smiths Food King. You can’t even think about why Smiths Food King is Called Smiths Food King unless the character in the book is thinking that.

Who: This is you. Only you. You can invite your friends to do it too. You could even have them over for the hour ONLY IF YOU DO NOT TALK for sixty minutes. This is your month of one hour-a-day production.

Perhaps: Yes, if you want, you could stretch it to one hour and sixty minutes. It’s been said that’s a good chunk of time for deep thinking. This will be deep writing. But at the very least, sixty minutes.

Prepare: By writing it on your calendar. By taking time to figure out what you’re going to work on each hour. By ending your chapter in the middle so you know where you’re going to start.  By outlining. By practicing self control and maybe starting early. By telling friends and family and pets that you need one hour.

Reward: If you do the August challenge every single day and I hope hope hope I do, you will receive a certificate that says you did it and a very good feeling. We also might have a dinner where we celebrate, read stuff we wrote, talk to each other, feel a little bit awkward, stop feeling awkward, eat more stuff, maybe write, perhaps go lay on the grass afterwards and for sure feel really happy.

Who would like to do this? Let us know. August 15th, friends. The clock is ticking.


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Hello Friends . . .

Hello friends, old and new. I have not been around for years, or maybe months but I am so happy to be back. And what a day to be back!! Tonight Carol and I are speaking at the Day-Riverside branch of the Salt Lake City Library at 7 pm. We hope some of you can come and make faces at us or throw tomatoes or peanuts or giant king-sized candy bars or even plane tickets to Hawaii. Please throw plane tickets at us. Please.

Also, Carol and I are nearing the end of a major revision on the book we’ve been working on. Yay!!! I hope so much this book makes its way into the world. It’s been a little bit of a difficult delivery–more difficult than we were expecting but I hope that means it will be worth it.

And finally, I hope you are having a wonderful writing day. I have not been doing a lot of writing myself (except for revision–lovely revision!), but I have been thinking about writing and daydreaming and eating ice cream and mopping the floor and telling kids to stop leaving honey nut Cheerios all over the house and swimming and chasing people and putting clothes in the washing machine and then letting them rot there for several hours and a whole bunch of other things. Which is actually kind of like writing in the long run.




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