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Three Things Thursday

What is unusual about your story?
Write down a list of things that make your story different, special, or unusual. (maybe all three!) Every great story has something that makes it shine, and sticks out from others. What makes yours shine? And how does that move the story forward?

Write out scenes.
Writing scenes can help push your story forward. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back, and write out of order. Write the end, or the climax. Maybe a great kissing scene you weren’t expecting! I do this whenever I get stuck, and it really helps! Especially if you’re trudging through the icky middles.

Surprise yourself.
Write out three or four things that surprise you about your character. What if you just discovered that she’s a softball champ? Or maybe she’s a terrible cook, and somehow that adds to the story! This may not push the main plot forward a whole lot, but fun little quarks can help build subplots and character development.

We will be writing at my casa tonight, and also snacking. If you’re interested in participating, shoot me or my mom an email.


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How is everyone doing? Ya’ll hitting your goals for NaNoWriMo?
I’ve kind of pushed some of my *new writing* to the side to finish up some *old writing*
I have to say, the revisions aren’t nearly as fun. But I’m still getting it done!

We will be meeting at my house to write, eat, and talk (but only a little talking!) Mostly, we’ll just be writing.
If anyone is interested in participating, email my mom! (or comment below and I can send you the details in an email)

If you’d like to share your word count, comment below! Let’s see that progress.

Happy writing!


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Day 2 and I may or may  not already be a tiny itty bitty bit behind on my goals. But that’s okay, because I will catch up tonight at our NANO party! (It’s in Orem. email my  mom for deetz!)
Sometimes it’s hard to start fresh when you’re in the middle of revisions, but I think I can do it!
How is everyone else doing? Did everyone reach their goals yesterday?

Keep it up!

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Hello everyone!
Word on the street is the party/potluck will be at my house. I’m thinking maybe next Thursday? (10/26) Or is that too soon for everyone?
Any opinions on the matter?
If so, please comment! If that sounds fun, comment, or message my mom!
This should be fun! I think I will make a peanut butter pie.


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