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Friday–What’re We Gonna Write Today?


You spend 24 hours with your main character.

What do you do?

What do you talk about?

What do you notice as quirks?

How does she make you cry?

What stories about her past does she tell you?

You go shopping. What does she buy?

What does she eat?

Can she cook?

Name three nice things she does for you.

What does she want you to do for her?

What does she read?

How does she surprise you?

Worry you?

How does she sleep? On her back? Curled up? Does she toss and turn? Snore? Talk in her sleep?

Does she want breakfast?

At the end of the day together, does she thank you for telling her story or curse you?



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Wednesday Night

What the heck? Yesterday I did a couple of prompts dealing with sense of place and setting. HOW DID I LOSE THEM?




Where are you????

Okay, I don’t know where those two wascally wabbits went, but I’m gonna pretend like they showed up because I spent almost an hour writing them for you.

So, onto to Wednesday’s prompt.


Your character loses something that’s really important.

What is that thing?

How does he lose it?

Did someone take it?

Now what will happen in the book?


HINT: Back up your work.


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I think I might be fired. But I realized it’s my day to blog and it’s been so long. I wanted to say three things:

  1. I read some of Carol’s new book and I can’t stop thinking about it. From the first page she knows how to grab a reader and totally immerse them. There is no one who writes people, real people, like Carol. Not only that, she won an award at the University in town for her teaching. She’s a treasure (tray-shore) and I’m not joking about that. I feel very grateful to know her and learn from her and talk to her and discuss current events and laugh with her.
  2. Stories tie us together. More than anything else.  I believe this. All of us. From every place. From every age.
  3. Writing every day is the only way to finish a novel. I know some people claim to write a novel in a week or maybe even a weekend but to have a crafted, well written, revised beautiful novel, you have to work at it. And work at it. And work at it.

Those are my three things. xoxo

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What is the scariest thing that can happen is this novel?

Are you pushing to make this really work–squeezing every drop from the writing so there is power in your words?

What is the funniest thing that can happen in the novel?
The saddest?

How are you making sure every word works? Every scene sings?

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Name all the characters in your book.

How do they work with your main character?

Are they for or against him?

Who sounds most real?


How can you get everyone else in the book to sound most real?

What is one distinct feature about each character (even is this doesn’t show up on the page)?


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What is your emotional connection to your story? Knowing this can help you put emotion on the page.

What do you risk by writing this particular story?

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Monday and Tuesday Prompts

Oops! I forgot to post yesterday.


Cool news for a writing partner and me.

Will let you know as soon as we can.


Look through your novel. Each page or two should have sense of place details to ground the reader. How are you doing? Are you using all the senses, not just sight and sound? And how are you letting the reader know about place in unique ways?


If your book took place in the Old West, how would it be different than it is now? Think specifically about scene and sense of place. Remember a contemporary novel needs scene building just as a story in the Old West or a fantasy novel.


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