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None of your business until it is your business. Thank you.

5 responses to “Our Guest Bloggers

  1. Hey, Carol and Ann (whom I don’t know but have read),
    Glad to see you out there!
    Here’s what I noticed about your blog so far: 1.) The subtitle (Yay!) 2.) the grass, which is what cats eat when they want to (you know). 3.) green background that tie in with the theme of the introductory posts. 4.) The fact that you’re out there and may read this.
    Congratulations on busting out! And much support and love.
    I’d love to hear about what books you’ve read lately and what you think about them. My latest are Laurie Halse Anderson’s Winter Girls — beautiful and artful on what to me is an almost incomprehensible topic, eating disorders. And Andrew Smith: In the Path of Falling Objects. Intense boy roadtripfromhell book for YA. Try to put it down!
    Hugs from Nina in So. California

  2. CLW

    Do you see we have snow?
    Ann Dee is magic!
    I’m just saying.

    Also–Keep posting excellent books. I want to read what you’re reading. I did read half of WINTER GIRLS. Anderson is a terrific writer.

    Here’s a good one: Courtney Summer’s novel CRACKED UP TO BE. Talk about a raw, edgy, strong voice.
    And our very own Jandy Nelson’s THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. Beautiful writing. I cried the first half of the book.

    Love you, love you, Nina! Keep the book suggestions coming!

  3. Rachelle

    Hello! I’m not really sure where I’m supposed to sign up for this weekend’s wordcount goal, but I’m totally doing it. My goal is low because I’m in the middle of finals at the moment, but I think it will help to have a little time set aside to write. So I’m going for 500 a day.

  4. Angel Cordray

    Carol, your book Signed, Skye Harper is my favorite book and you should definetely make a second one. It would mean the world to me.


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