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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Cormac McCarthy. How you amaze my brain.
I finally finished The Road at work yesterday.
Holy Crapolla.
What a fantastic novel.
The writing….just…amazing.
How can you have such little dialogue, yet still know your characters so well?
How did he do that?
People are magic with their words. It’s amazing.
I suggest everyone read it. DON’T watch the  movie. It was a waste of time and very dull. {And not just because nasal guy Vejo Morgenstein is in it(That is an Always Sunny in Philadelphia joke..)}
There was something about the little boy in the story that I just loved. He sounded so sweet and so…broken? But yet not? I don’t know.
This is the only book I’ve read written by McCarthy. But I have seen No Country for Old Men. {That is a movie you DO want to watch. Freaking amazing!}
Has anyone read the book? Is it as good as The Road?
What about his other novels?
I need to order more books.
Amazon gave me the 100 free downloads for the kindle. Or whatever it is.
Holy crap. I can’t believe how hilarious some of the books were on that. {hilariously awful.}
Okay that’s enough.
Let’s all be happy.


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