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Nana and the Last Days

Anyone want a little Bantam rooster and his best friend? Tiny and Runny need a new home. Tiny lays one little white egg a day. If you’re interested, please email me at carolthewriter@yahoo.com

Okay you NaNoers! We have today, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday to finish up our 50,000 words.

Where are you? Me? I’m pretty far behind. But I’m trying for a big 4-day push. And why not try? “It’ll be fun,” she said.

I’m writing a little with Ann Dee, a very little with Kyra (she’s pushing to rewrite her fabulous Mermaid book) and then more on this adult novel. This mystery. That plays with time. And several characters. Including more than one killer. And a ghost. And . . . I chose this for NaNoWriMo?

What I’ve found interesting is as I’ve settled into the story (or sorta settled), a favorite character of mine showed up. My grandmother, Nana. This time she is a very fancy Southerner. Wealthy! But it was such a relief when I realized old Grandmommy is based loosely on someone I love. November 26 is Nanny’s birthday. She would have been 100 years old.

If you have followed the NaNo plan, you are right in the place where the character makes (or is getting ready to make) another choice that will change her life forever. You’re building to the reveal of that choice. What makes her say, I won’t do this anymore?Whatever this choice is will propel you into the climax of the novel.

And if you’re writing a mystery, you’re character is narrowing down and getting closer to the killer. Her life is literally at risk. Tension is rising in both stories. Characters are making decisions. All are life and death, as far as character goes. All are life and death, as far as genre. This part of the novel matters that much.


Slow and steady wins the race. Keep writing. You’re almost to the finish line!

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Monday, Monday–Writing Like a Writer

I’ve been writing like crazy.

Working on a book with Ann Dee. She is so funny. Her parts of the story, hilarious. It’s taken me some time to get into the swing of things–but I think I am sort of doing it right now.

I’ve also been researching for the next Just in Time mid grade series I write with Cheri Earl. I’ve found the girl I thought we should go with and Cheri approved. Have been gathering cool info about this character. This is set in the 1830’s. BEFORE I began research, though, I rewrote Book Four of Just in Time.

Each day I’m working on a novel that I wrote years ago. I finally figured out what I did wrong then. Now I’m trying to fix that. This book has been sold and I’m writing like crazy to have a strong draft to send to the editor.

Finally, every day I think about two other books that I have half–written. One is a YA–funny. In this novel I have chosen to use the names of all my grandmother’s siblings. There were seven children all together. I knew there was one great aunt who died of throat cancer long before I was born and I couldn’t remember her name. Then, accidentally I found it! Yippee! The other WIP–a darker mid grade–is based on my life and may cause a stir in the family. Heck, lots of my books are based on my life. I’ve stirred lots of things!

But the important bit I’m saying here is– sometimes you can do a lot of ‘writing’ without ever sitting at the keyboard. Let your brain work things over for you. Think about your projects. Dream about them. When I get back to both of these, I think the work will be mostly done.

I believe I can say last week I was Writing Like a Writer.

What are you working on?

What have you done this last week to accomplish your writing goals?

What are you writing plans for the month of May?



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