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Three Things Wednesday

1. First of all, CAROL’S NEW BOOK!!! Have you picked up Miles From Ordinary yet? It officially came out yesterday and we all need to party! Here’s some things people are saying about it:

“Absorbing….[Williams] has crafted both a riveting, unusual suspense tale and an absolutely convincing character in Lacey. The book truly is miles from ordinary, in the very best way. Outstanding.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“In a novel spanning a mere 24 hours, Williams takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride….Poignant.” —Publishers Weekly

You can buy your very own signed copy this weekend at Barnes and Noble at 7157 Plaza Center Center Drive, West Jordan, UT on Saturday from 2-4:00.
2. One way to break into children’s publishing is to write short stories, articles, poems, activities, etc. for kids magazines. Along with your novel goals, what about taking a break and trying your hand at one of these? Here are the guidelines for Highlights magazine. Should we all try to get something sent in the next month or so?
3. For your entertainment, they had a picture book writing contest on Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday. Watch to see how they think writing a picture book is done. It was pretty hilarious. See if you can see all the rules they break as they go through the process (see highlights tips for fiction).
I think that’s all for today. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday and eat lots of cookies.


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Books on my Lawn

I am tired.

I did not write one thing today.

I also roasted a chicken.

Do not roast a chicken in a hot house. It makes the house hotter. Who knew?

On Saturday we cleaned out our basement. I mean we moved out all the boxes and boxes of books onto the back lawn. We moved here last September and we are finally getting to that one room where I shoved everything that had no place. Including my boxes and boxes of books. This house, our old new house, has no built in shelves. Our last house had shelves. And shelves and shelves and shelves. Heaven.

Here? None.

We started to unpack the books and there was no where to put them.

So I hauled them out so I could think better.

Right now, three days later, those boxes are still out there. Waiting. In the dark. With the deer.  Waiting for me to put them away. Waiting for me to bring them in from the cold. The hot. The hose. The boys. All my books (almost all) are in peril and here I am in my bed complaining about being tired.

Do you throw away books? Donate them? keep them and keep them and keep them because they are books and you don’t throw away books or donate them or sell them or do anything but keep them?

I was trying to figure out what to do with them.

My brain does not organize. I can lift stuff, move stuff, vacuum stuff. I cannot figure out where things should go. What’s the most practical place to put boxes and boxes of books until I get some shelves?

The garage? Move them back into the spare room? The shed? I asked my husband.

Just tell me where to put things and I will, he said.

That’s the problem, i have no idea where to put them. Should we get new carpet? Why are the baby toys in the Christmas box? What were we just talking about?

Sometimes I think I would be the cleanest house person in the world if my brain worked right. If I put things away and was all organized and everything had a place and things had labels and I folded my underwear. I would be so clean because I am always cleaning. Cleaning cleaning cleaning. But I never get anywhere.

I am too distracted. Too impulsive. Too scattered.

I think about my writing. Is this how I am? I think yes. Is this bad? I think yes. And no. What if I had a different brain. What if I could write with an outline? What if I knew where things were going and why they were going to go there? Would it be easier? Do most writers have scattered lives with tricycles tied up with climbing rope all over their yard and boxes and boxes of books in their garden? Will I one day have cabbage patch kids riding big wheels in my flower beds?

I know we all have our own process but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to try to train your way to a different process. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to clean something and have it stay cleaned? To know exactly where the scissors are when you need them? To start a novel knowing the end before you know the beginning? I wonder.

Please don’t take my books. They are helpless.


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Writing Challenge: Religion in Writing PLUS Book and Critique Giveaway!!!!

Angela Morrison writes about a girl who is religious and falls into temptation
but her novel, Taken by Storm, doesn’t feel preachy.

Other examples of books that deal with religion but don’t feel heavy handed are Sara Zarr’s Once Was Lost and Louise Plummer’s A Dance for Three.

How do you think an author achieves this balance? What are other examples of books that handle issues of faith well? How does your worldview infuse your writing?

You have until midnight on Sunday to post a comment. Two lucky people will win a copy of one of Angela Morrison’s books.

Mary Kole, Associate Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. is also having a contest. Look here for information. It’s almost over but she is hoping for great entries so write then email away, everyone!



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Writing/Reading Challenge: Books You Are

Pick a book that has influenced you as a writer.
How has it influenced you?
What do you love about it?
How have you changed as a writer because of this book?

Tomorrow’s Post: Interview with editor Jill Santopolo. Get ready with your questions.


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