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I like runts. And mambas. And sour patch kids. I’m sorry.

I am dead tired.

But feeling good about life.

I also feel good about John Cusick and this interview.

He really does mean what he says and he says good good things.

I don’t have enough energy to get into my underwear situation like I had hoped. Or my marriage advice–because I have a lot. Instead I am going to encourage you all to go to the store and buy your favorite childhood candy and then set it up, right by your computer, eat a little, eat some more, and then write.

Write write write. That’s my goal. to just write without worrying about the end. Whether it will be good. Whether it fits with other things I”ve written. Whether it’s YA or MG or PG. Just write. And have fun. And maybe color. I might get out my crayons and color and write and eat candy.

We all should. Nerds and gobstoppers baby.


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