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After a Week of

really rude people, surprises that were hurtful, and dumb stuff, it’s nice to fall in my novel and  enjoy it.

I love to write. Mostly. I don’t love writing middles. But I love ends.

I especially love to have written.


And to see my book in print.

A box of ARCs of NEVER SAID arrived on Friday.


There’s something lovely about slipping into my own made up worlds.

And into other people’s, too.


A dearest friend told me she had only one book left in her because she’s teaching.

Only one left.

No! I said. Stop teaching.

Just write.


My note today is this–YOU have something to say. There are PEOPLE who need to hear what you have to say. Stop waiting around. Stop giving excuses.


Write that mid grade.

That picture book.

Your YA.


Write instead of TV. Get up an hour earlier. Stop running three miles sooner.
Give us your book. Because someone, like me, needs it.


Someone needs YOUR book.


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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee!

Kyra here.

My novel is winding down. I’ve told myself that I will face a social punishment if I don’t get it done by the 1st of November.
I’m SO close. It was supposed to be done over a week ago but I haven’t been writing as I should.
Because I always start to slow down at the end. And that’s making finishing this difficult.
But if I can get it done by the first, then I should be getting some sort of reward. Not sure what yet though….

My baby sister turns 16 tomorrow.
What did you do on your 16th birthday?
Maybe that’s something I need to write about in my notes to myself. .. Hmm
Either way.
I have also come up with a new plot for a bee story. I think it will be my nano next month.

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