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Day of Accountability

And that means you!

So here’s what I did this week, but I have to include last week, too.

40 + hours on word-by-word check for one manuscript. I started last Friday and wrote and wrote and wrote and sent that off to my editor this past Tuesday morning before class.

Tuesday night I went to Ann Dee’s class where I was ignored by most of the students (some of them didn’t even make eye contact with me. Hahahah!). But Ann Dee is amazing and we to dinner afterward and she thought, ‘Geez, Carol, you always say you are fat and now I know why because you got an appetizer AND delicious soup AND the yummy sweet bread AND a  main dish.’  Ann Dee knew all the names of everything (by heart) and I just pointed to what I wanted. She got medium spicy and I got White Girl mild. PLUS I wanted the rose milk but Ann Dee looked at me, read my mind, then raised her eyebrows so I didn’t get any.

Then I graded and graded and graded mid-terms (after teaching my classes) and that took until Thursday (yes, last night Thursday). At about 6-ish Cheri and I started on our chapter book doing word-by-word changes and guess what? We finished at 11-ish. And we only rewrote 6 SHORT chapters–TOGETHER.

When people say, “I could write for kids or teens. That’s easy.” I just smile.

(All this Thursday stuff is why I missed Three Things Thursday–because I was doing more than three things on Thursday.)

What did you do?

Some of you swore to have stuff going or done or etc.

Tell us everything.

And guess what–Ann Dee and I are looking into a place in  Provo where we can eat lunch AND do a reading of our work. Interested?

We’ll let you know the details. As for me this weekend? My agent sent me an email this morning asking when I will be done with my one-legged rooster book.

I can’t stick around on Throwing Up Words. Gotta go write!

Love you all!


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