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Gosh, I love a new year. Don’t you? There’s something neato about being together in the pot. Sharing goals and etc. Like suffering together during NaNo!

Now, I have some not-so-good news. I don’t have last year’s goals. That means I need to figure out how to go back one year (here) so I can find what you all wrote and so we can see what you did. When I figure that out, I’ll post your goals so you can see whatcha done good.

BUT–we must not let that deter us.

What are your goals?

What are your plans?

What are your dreams?

One thing my dear Rick Walton told me was to make goals I was in control of. I love this. It’s so smart.

“I will sell five books this year.” Ummm. I can’t make S&S or Harcourt buy a book. BUT I can write  five books.

Also, making goals attainable is a good thing.

Read this, by the amazing Claudia Mills. It’ll teach you a thing or two. I swear.


And read this, too! It’s Cheri Pray Earl’s blog about goals.


So. I’ll give you three of my writing goals for the year–or writing related goals.

  1. Start a REAL, OFFICIAL business. It may be small, but I have been putting this off for some time.
  2. Make that danged website of mine shine.
  3. Write a draft of a new book every three months. IF I sell something and rewrites take up new writing time, I will make adjustments.
    If I break that down, it turns out to be four new books. By the end of the year.
    If I break it down even further, it’s about 1000 new words a day. With play time in between. And time to rewrite.

EVENTS For those of you who want a jumpstart for this year, we have these two events coming up:


Provo Library

Third Thursday of this month (6-8 pm–I think!)

Potluck fun!



Editor Sarah McCabe (Simon and Schuster) and agent Jenna Pocius (Red Fox Literary) are visiting BYU campus. Both will speak on Feb 28, 2018 from 5:30-7 pm. (Room number TBA)
This event is open and free to the public.

For those who write for children and young adults (and those interested in writing for adults), March 1st, March 2nd and March 3rd, will feature Sarah and Jenna in one-on-one critiques with paying attendees.

$119 will include a day of learning with published authors as well as critique time with either the editor or agent. We’ll talk good writing, writing with humor and even glance at marketing your work. We’ll discuss query letters, the important pitch and truly knowing what your book is about–and being able to express it. Each $119 registration includes ONE day.




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HAP-pee New Year!

Yes, I’m late!

As always.

We had an illness in the family that left one of us in the hospital for 6 days and another one of us caring for the sick daughter’s baby for 6 days.

But this is still a New Year! A Yippee, Let’s Go! year. A We Can Do Anything

Each year I write out a million goals. Last year, though, I held back. I made only 70. (I’ve mentioned I’m not one of those gals who feels badly when she fails to reach a destination. I love the way I feel when I set a goal and imagine accomplishing it.) How’s I do? Not so well. It was a tough 366 days.

This year, well, I’m still writing out the things I want to do–but I can safely say I have more hopes and dreams than a human should have. There are house goals, garden goals, personal goals, etc etc.

I found these from 2009:

  1. Read 200 books
  2. Write three novels
  3. Rewrite lost in Peace for St. Martin’s Press
  4. Blog????

And then here were Rick Walton’s goals. Hahahaha! I love him. And miss him.

  1. Read 200 picture books
  2. Pick up three novels
  3. Rewrite *A Million Little Pieces* for St. Martin’s Press
  4. Comment anonymously on Carol’s blog????

It’s been a hard year. A lot of people I love have died. People I’ve loved have lost loved ones.

Here are 3 of my millions of aspirations–just in the writing category!

  1. Finish rewrite with Ann Dee, rewrite for an editor, and draft of mystery before January’s end, and send in for review to Steve.
  2. Write a true NaNoWriMo–meaning, accomplish the 50,000 words. Now, if I am rewriting a novel then, I will set the goal as I did this last year and just do the best I can. (I sent in the partial murder mystery and I’m hoping my editor likes it. I’ll let you know if she bites!)
  3. Write a picture book with my daughter Laura.


We know we have at least 3 readers out there. If you’d like, put your goals here. Share as many as you’d like. Unless you’re crazy like I am. Then that means there’s not enough room.

Ann Dee and Kyra? Submit your goals, too. I’ll save them this time.





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Happy New Year!

from Carol!
Always along with my goals for a New Year is the thankfulness in my heart for the people I have spent the last year with.
Thank you to our eight readers.
We love you.
Being able to talk to the few of you, to know you are there, has many times offered me great peace.
I wish you that same kind of peace in 2015–the peace of being loved, understood and supported.
I look forward to being with you for the next 350 + days. Yippee!
SO much love!
from Brenda!
In mid-December, Carol wrote about how she was writing her list of “200+ goals”.  Who knows?  She may be up to 300+ by now.
By contrast, I’m going to try to write 5 VERY simplistic (and GENERAL) goals.  See, my theory is, when you keep them “general” enough, maybe you can squeeze most of what you’ve actually done into one category or another and accomplish them all. Every day.  So:
1.  Write something (significant) every day.
2.  Read something (significant) every day.
3.  Do some (significant) exercise (AT LEAST) 6 days a week
4.  Clean or put away something (major) every day.
(I should really clean out some of the boxes from when I moved here.
Almost 5 years ago.
And from when Herb moved here.
Almost 3 years ago.).
5.  Do something (noticeably) (kind/good) (to/for) someone every day.
And my check list will be even simpler:
1.  Write
2.  Read
3.  Exercise
4.  Clean
5.  Kind
I’ll let you know how that works out.  Have you got your goals up and ready to go? Today’s the day, you know!  HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !
from Cheryl!
I usually do pretty well with New Year’s resolutions until I make one mistake. Then it doesn’t matter if I’ve kept the resolution for six hours or six months. Once I don’t have a perfect record, I feel like I don’t have anything.
So this year, I want to try to stay away from numbers. No daily word count. No set amount of time for editing.
Instead, I want to focus on not getting discouraged. No matter how much of a hot mess my novel might be, I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to get down on myself because my first drafts are terrible. I’m going to go back again and again, no matter what, and keep trying to improve.
What about you?


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Here We Are Again

Below, I have the goals I could find that we made last year. As you will see, I probably don’t have everyone’s. But at some point today I am going downstairs and seeing if my computer is working still and then I will add any extras. Unless you remember. Then please add yourself.

However–in a couple of days– 2014! Yippee ti yi yo!!!!!

What are your new goals?

This year I want to keep things more simple. My biggest goal this coming year is something I didn’t do last year but I wanted to:

Write like a professional writer.

That’s it.

What about you?

And how did you do?

And and–most important of all:

Happy 2014, Writer Friends!



Count me in too: my stated goals have been to
write 2 blogs twice a week (so I can get a little ahead)
mentor goal-setting for some of the people in my main critique group
continue to meet weekly with the new critique group
write an average of 1850 words five days a week . . .
teach my writing class (starting Jan. 15) in Canyons School District
That said, I am going to cut the word count to 1500 (will start in Feb.) and now, through the rest of January, read instead of writing:
read and read and read what I’ve already written of “Boudica’s Head”
read and read and read the research materials I have on “BH”
If/when I finish “BH,” (hopefully by May) I’ll set the next goals—can’t plan too much until I resolve health issues


This year my goals are simple: 1) Revise my Nano book. 2) Draft a new book. That’s it. Count me in for the Friday check-ins. This week, I just want to do something/anything on my Nano revisions. I need to wet me feet since I haven’t looked at it for weeks.


1. I would love to get representation this year. I know, I know that’s very far-fetched, but it’s a GOAL, right? You can have high hopes for a lucky year. {Lucky 13}
I think that this is going to be a year where I really just, writewritewrite. Last year I finished my novel, but I want to do more than that. I wanna get serious about this. {farealmaaan} Not that I’m not, but you know what I mean.

2. I want to finish and perfect my two new stories. I am stuck in the middle of both of them and I am like blah. But I think that I can get at least one of them at least written by the end of next month and the other one a very rough draft by my birthday.
Is this boring? Yeah, I think so, too.

3. I actually don’t want to share my third goal.


The biggest thing I want to accomplish with my writing this year is just to finish the two novels I’m working on. Like, finish the early drafts and move all the way through revisions. It will take a lot of balancing and some really good time management in order for me to accomplish this. But that’s my goal.


1. Work on my own memoir. Write one short essay a week (I’ll allow three weeks off).
2. Write like a writer. I want to really write. REALLY use each day. Look at my work as though this is my job. Because it is. And I want to do better at it. So my goal is 1000-2500 words a day.
3. Read ten books for big people. I want to revisit some of my faves, like EAST OF EDEN and HUCKLEBERRY FINN and LIGHT IN AUGUST.
and here’s one more–4. Write two more drafts of books. Either non-fiction or a middle grade or even something with Ann Dee. Yup, we may have thought of an idea.


1. Keep writing. Not quit.

2. Read something for me.

3. Get on a bike.


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