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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee!

Today’s blog post is short.

One of my favorite actresses/authors/writers/TV people, Lena Dunham, wrote me on Instagram. I am insanely happy.

Also, writing has been hard for me this week, so I don’t have any tips or advice.

I think it’s been a tough week for everyone.

But let’s keep writing.

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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee–Reading!

Reading! I’m back to the reading game and I’m so happy about it.
Even tho I write for kids, I’ve been stuck on adult novels.

My current read is by Chelsea Handler. My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands.  It’s a  little dated, and also has some tags, but it’s actually a pretty fun read. This is a book for almost any single girl in her twenties.

My next read will be Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. I just saw the movie, {loved it!!} and I’ve heard the book is even better!

I’ve also got Not That Kind of Girl by the amazing Lena Dunham. Lena writes for one of my favorite shows, GIRLS! If you haven’t watched it, watch it! It’s so amazingly awkward. But so funny.

I’m also going to finish a book I keep losing called Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz. I love what I’ve read. Mom loved it, too.

I’ll will keep you all updated on more great books.

Now tell me what you’re all reading!

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