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Freaky Friday with Lisa

My palms still sweat as a side effect.

It happened seven years ago.
Scars on the back of my right hand and one on the knee.
I keep the sweatshirt I wore even though it has a hole.
I didn’t get to see my grandmother one last time before she died.
One night in the hospital, no stitches, and a pile of tests. No broken neck or knee. .
One fire truck, one ambulance. A stack of cop cars and civilians trying to help.
The car spun and rolled.
My friend was the driver, she looked down at her cell phone, headed straight for the guardrail.
I didn’t think I was going to die, I knew I was going to die. And in a way, I felt ready.
A few weeks ago my friend and I went to a park, a beautiful spot off the Potomac in Alexandria, Virginia. We sat on a bench, and he pulled out a book of writing prompts. The one I just did above is to tell about an accident or injury, but backwards. I noticed things I never had before. Think of your MC and something traumatic they’ve gone through or will go through. Now tell it backwards. What details do you notice then?

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Friday by Lisa

As an introduction:

1. I write contemporary YA.
2. But I start grad school in the fall for an MFA in nonfiction.
3. I’m nannying for my nephew, six months old, in the DC area.
4. I thought I liked rain. I don’t.
5. Disneyland gives me migraines.
6. Life motto: I’d rather be at the beach.
7. Sometimes I pretend I’m British when no one is watching and say things like hi-ya and knickers.
8. Oh, and the name is Lisa.
Today I woke with a single thought–writing takes faith. Faith that something will happen when you sit at the computer. Faith that maybe a single word you write will be worth reading later even if it’s only by one person.
I forget this sometimes. I think if brilliant things aren’t already running around my mind then there will be nothing in me when I sit at my laptop.
Take the step of faith wherever you go, whatever clutters your lists with piles to do. Just sit even for a few moments and write something remarkable or rubbish. The thing with faith, you don’t know what’s over the cliff till you step to the edge.

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