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A Gift to You

Every semester at the beginning of my creative writing classes, or every June for Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers, I meet people who don’t have time to write.

I get it.

There are lots of things I don’t have time for–cleaning out the fridge, going grocery shopping, arguing with people I don’t like.

But the stuff I really care about–my religion, my kids, my friends and my writing? I make time for that.

For some reason we writers feel like our writing just isn’t as important as someone else’s full time job. Perhaps this is, in part, the  way our society views what we do.

“Oh, you’re a writer? That means you’re home all day? Can you help me with ABC.” And they AREN’T asking about the alphabet.

(Stay at home Moms–you’ve probably been asked to do tons for others because you are at home and that means, you know, that you have more time because you aren’t as busy.)

“Will you read my novel?”

“Will you edit my novel?”

“Will you watch my kids as I go tan?”

Over the years I’ve met lots of people who want to publish.

Some never will  because they are waiting for Time to fall in their laps instead of taking Time.

Some always allow what they consider more important to get in way of their writing.

Some are afraid.

If you have learned anything from this blog where we all complain, it’s that writing is HARD.

But, it’s also worth it.

At the end of each semester I say to my students, “You have permission to give yourself the gift of writing. An hour each day. Thirty minutes. Whatever you chose. Writing to you is as important as the car mechanic going to the shop to work or the doctor to the her office. Allow yourself to think your writing time is sacred. Is your own. Is a gift to you, from you.”

So what will YOU do to make time to reach your writing goals?


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The Day of Accountability

So, Everyone, how is the writing?

Let us know what you accomplished last week in the work on your novels.


I haven’t done 8 hours a day, but I have tried.

My best job, being a mom, stops me from writing.

The constant moving stops me from writing.

The worry of the lawsuit stops me from writing.

Preparing for class stops me from writing.

Callings in my church stops me from writing.

Duck Dynasty stops me from writing.

Cooking, cleaning and laundry stops me from writing.

The list goes on and on.

We all know that you can’t do EVERYTHING, right?

Way back in the olden days I was a professional interpreter for the Deaf. When I started having children and publishing, I knew I have to give something up.

I love writing, so I make time for that.

I love my girls more, so that is where my real time goes.


and it’s a big however

we must be able to do our jobs as writers like we would do our jobs as bankers or dentists or pilots.


How do YOU accomplish your writing goals?




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