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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

I did some writing yesterday.
Only about five new pages. But it still make me feel happy ­čÖé
I had a stupid day on Monday. And when I have a certain type of stupid day, it sometimes helps with my writing. I’m not so sure why.
But my stupid day gave me an idea.
Nothing amazing.
But something to at least write about.
Lately I’ve been having really bad dreams.
I used to never dream at all. And now all my dreams are super crazy weird and bad.
I’m not getting enough sleep. My face looks terrible because of my two black eyes {fd;laskfalsdfksjlfdj no sleep!} I think it’s because I’ve been sick. And my heart sometimes keeps me up. It like races all night.
Stupid heart.
I think this is going to be a good month though. I get to see my favorite band FINALLY after about 7 years of waiting. {They are not the band I posted above…}
I hope this month is great for everyone! And the next. And the next!

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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

This is a fantastic song. 
I bet everyone saw the stupid snow.
It took me half hour to get into work, and I only live twelves minutes away.
I miss Mom. I can’t see her because I know for a fact that my van will get stuck driving up to her house. Yes, I drive a van. It actually handles worse in the snow than my purple PT loser that I used to drive.
For some reason, this has been a really stressed out couple weeks for me.
I feel like, I don’t know. Confused.
My writing has gone to crap. I don’t know where to start from here. I can’t write more than a page a day without thinking “Goodness, this is awful!”
Is my writing suffering because I’m not reading anymore?
Maybe it’s because I’m bored. And all I do anymore is watch TV and work.
Before I got this full time job, I could stay up all night in my bed just typing away.
Who knows if it was total crap that I was writing, but at least I was writing it.
Maybe I should just write. And if it’s total crap then, meh, so be it.
This weather puts me in a really grey mood.
When I woke up this morning, I felt like I was in a freezer. My bed is right below two very drafty windows.
I want to move away.  Not in like a depressed sad pathetic single-girl way. I just want to move away to maybe try something new.
Next year.
I’m saving my pennies.
Has anyone on the blog read any of the books that got the nod from the Printz awards? I hadn’t hear of any. But that’s probably because I don’t read anymore.
How sad.


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