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Just Another Manic Monday

Of course, Sunday isn’t really a fun day for some of us. But . . . I never noticed that these words are sorta dumb. So–are the words you’re writing dumb? Are they carrying weight? Doing what they should?


This made me smile and get all teary-eyed. We need to do our dance!

So, your writing needs to do what a movie does–all with language.


Some day remind me to tell you all about when I cut my own hair to save money.

Hmmm–could that end up in a novel? Use real life in your writing.



Make sure all your secondary characters are fully developed and not just in the background.


Anytime I am making out, I do it in front of an open window where my old boyfriend can see. Nothing should just happen in your book without a reason. And try not to force anything. Make the story flow in a  natural way.


When you play the drum–do it loudly.


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