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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Let’s all read a book together.
Something that makes us smarter than we were when we picked up the book.
When I find a love, I’m going to read to him. And then we will be happy for ever and after. And then die. But that won’t matter because we’ll have read some awesome books.
I’m worried about Mom.
She needs a lot of crossed fingers. And holy heyoh’s or whatever.
Seriously though.
Let’s all keep her on our list of good-vibe thoughts. She’s the best person in the world.
I love her.
I have court on Monday.
When I went to discuss the ticket I received, the people at the place actually told me they they thought I was 17. After they learned I was much much much older than that, then did they actually take me a little bit more seriously.
I’m glad I’m not 17 anymore…because then people wouldn’t ever take me seriously.
I don’t think I’m serious enough.
I do have to say I’ve been very  happy lately. Happy about life. Happy the sun is coming back. Happy just being alive.
Maybe it’s because I’m reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
Or because I started Breaking Bad over.
My life kicks butt compared to those lives.
Although I did accidentally wear ripped tights this morning. {What a STRUGGLE!}
My roommate’s car has died in front of the mail box. The mail man left him a little note this morning.
“Don’t park here!”
Pretty scary stuff.
Scary for me though, because, I’m expecting a very very very important and overpriced package. If the car is parked there he {The Mailman} might not deliver it.
Does anyone know anything about cellos?
I’m going to rent one and take lessons I think.
But I’m not going to do it until I finish this draft from this current novel I’m working on.
I should really look into finding a writers group. See if it helps me motivate myself. {Helps me motivate myself? That is confusing.}
Every time Mom drives past my store, she honks. I know it’s her.
She loves me.
I love her.
She’s the best mom ever.
The End.
{Very informative!}


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