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Romance Novel Rewriting Month

Here are the last questions for your novel.

What do our MC and her BF have to do together that they weren’t expecting?
What do they realize about each other as the climax of the other plot comes together?
Add in that real kissing scene you wrote earlier.
Now write the ending. Is it true love forever? Is it going to ruin their world but make a new one even better? is everyone happy? Who is happy and who is mad?
You now have the bones of a romance novel.
What are you going to do with it?
I suggest you go in and fill in the blanks. Add the tissue to these bones. Flesh the ideas out.
Give yourself a deadline.
Write to that deadline.
Then set the book aside.
Start another novel (after you take off a day or two! I always give myself a little time after I complete a book.).
When the time is right, pull out your romance.
Look the book over with a critical eye.
Take it to your critique group.
See what they have to say of the book as a whole.
Romance novels are big sellers. Look at Twilight. That was a romance novel wearing vampire capes.
Plus, here’s what Wikipedia said: “In North America, romance novels are the most popular genre in modern literature . . . “
So make your novel amazing.
March Madness Rewriting Month!

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Three Things Thursday

#1 Cheryl Van Eck

The other day I read something so overwritten I thought I would vomit. I hate overwriting, also known as “purple” prose. It’s a disease that plagues almost every new writer. 

Basically, overwriting is when you allow words to get in the way of your story. 

There’s a mistaken assumption that flowery, pretty words make a great writer. Um, no.  Anyone can string pretty words together. A great writer is one who is so clear and concise that you forget you’re reading. They paint a picture so vivid that you see the scenes unfolding before you like a movie. 

Writing should always sound effortless.  This doesn’t mean it is easy … as any teenage girl preparing for a date will tell you, looking effortless takes a considerable amount of, well, effort. You have to go sentence by sentence and word by word to get it just right. But when you do, the results are incredible.

Writing prompt: Write the most purple paragraph you can. That’s right, get it all out of your system in one glorious, masterful, soul-wrenching, heart-rending, sunrise over the pale haze of a Tuscan villa-esque…

Sorry, I fell asleep while writing that. What was I saying?

#2 Brenda Bensch

We writers all know the old saw, “Write what you know.” Furthermore, we “know” how difficult it is to write, to find an agent, land a publisher, publish our own writings with all the work of being the author, editor, book designer, artist, and so much more.

So, what if you wrote a book about writing a book?  What if your MC found one of the above (or other) considerations too overwhelming? Which would it be? What would s/he do about it? How would your MC win out in the end? Or would s/he give up? If so, what would that do to his/her psyche?
#3 Ann Dee Ellis–Romance Novel Prompt
What do they have to do together that they weren’t expecting?
What do they realize about each other as the climax of the other plot comes together?
#4 True Love
This is in English. But there are subtitles for another language (sorry, I couldn’t find the one without the subtitles). Worth watching. A true love story.

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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee AND the Next Writing Prompt

Not having a job has ruined my brain
I keep forgetting it’s Wednesday.
I keep forgetting most days.
Friday morning I get to get my wisdom teeth out.
Will I lose some wisdom?
Will I continue being able to write?
Lately I haven’t been writing the way I should. But I have been reading a few adult novels. Typically I’m into YA. . . Just because that’s what I write, and all my favorite authors write, but idk. It’s good to broaden my options.
Plus a lot of these books are classics. Like:
The Bell Jar 
In Cold Blood 
American Psycho 
Reading is wonderful. Writing is wonderful, too.
And the weather outside is amazing!!!!


Romance Novel Writing Prompt

Have you checked out the writing prompts on Ann Dee’s post yesterday?

Here’s another from her:

How is the other plot, the non-romance part, coming along? Remember both characters need to be involved, need some stake in this end-goal.


Place? Olive Garden

When? Not sure yet. The end of this month, the beginning of March. We’ll let you know soon.

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A Guest Post AND a Writing Prompt

Lonely this weekend, find fun women and fun times.

That was in my spam.

Gotta look in the spam. Lots of ways to spend your weekend in the spam.

We Have a Guest Post!!!!! Woot woot!

Kyra’s cute, cute friend, Kati Seiber has a book review for us. And here it is:

Let’s Pretend this Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson

I picked this book up from the corner store at the airport. I judged it by its cover. Just needed a quick something before my flight took off.  The tiny mouse in a cape and the “mostly true” title caught my eye. With the limited selection I was given, it was a no brainer for me. I’m glad I listened to myself.

The pleasant surprise was that this book was loaded with amusing stories that you slightly hope are NOT true for the sake of the author. But at the same time your laughing your butt off  wondering “Should I be laughing at this?” or “Am I bad person for finding so much humor in some’s misery?”

I loved Jenny from the start for her true knack of storytelling, I felt as if she were a friend that was entertaining me over a bottle of wine for a night in.

The numerous stories she shares range from 1) her taxidermist father using an animal carcass as a puppet to 2) her saying yes to a marriage proposal so she could leave and go pee. (which sounds very reasonable to me)

If you’re the type of person that reads in public and doesn’t mind strangers awkwardly glancing in your direction while you try to control your laughter then I would definitely recommend this book. (Warning! Also you must be okay with swearing and very uncomfortable situations.)

Thanks, Kati!

Writing Prompt

The month is almost over–so keep going! Here it is . . .

What is at risk for both  our main character and her favorite lover boy IF they get together?


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