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Day Three, continued!

I’m doing it! I am! The book is winding to the climax and then end!

I love this part of writing. When I feel the end is near and I love my characters and the sh!t seems to be mostly gone and I am hurrying to the close of something. I love finishing a novel. And the right-before of finishing a novel.

I’m glad I am doing it with you all.

(I am NOT done. I can just see the finish line. This may still take some time.)


Another thing I love? Hemingway’s short story A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.

I read it as a young teen. Loved it as a young teen. Cried over it.

You can read it here:


It’s a nice break, reading this story. See what Hemingway does right (or should I say write?). Maybe you don’t love it. That’s okay. We each find the masterpieces we love. We each have our masterpiece lines, novels, moments.


I’ll be back in a few hours.

PS There are several typos in this copy of the short story

PMS There are too many exclamation points in this post. But, I am very happy.

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