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Monday, Monday

Valentine’s Day I watched several movies with three of my beautiful daughters, two stinky dogs and my mom.

One is the movie/documentary Dear Zachary.

You all should watch this.

All of you.

It’s hard. It’s sad. I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t sleep because of what I’d watched.

I think it’s best to watch the show (free on Netflix) and then go to this website, so you can see the way the story, this terrible story, unfolds.

I hope you are changed forever.


Official website



When I was about ten or so, my cousin was murdered. Shot to death. She was in her early twenties.

I hope I never forget her funeral.

How my namesake (Aunt Carol) grieved in such a heartbroken way.

How I stood in the sun unable to speak–numb–and how, at a different graveside someone played Taps and my mother broke down.

How later, much later, a student of my mother’s turned out to be the killer’s cousin.


My newest book is a murder mystery.

I’ve always viewed this memory in a distant way because it was just so awful.

Now, maybe, I’ll be able to look at the horrible way people treat one another. But I will never understand any of it.






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Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

Guys, I suck at the blog.
I just suck.
Work life is crazy. Writing life is crazy. Moving life is crazy. And of course the love life….
None existent. So at least there’s that.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again.
Singles awareness.
Just another day to remind me how alone I truly am. {ha ha ha!}

I met a boy I can’t seem to quit. We used to see each other a lot. I sort of liked him for awhile.
And then it didn’t work out.
Then I ran into him again and something weird happened and now my guts feel all confused and irritated {like IBS, only much, much worse} and I can’t figure out why.
Only I CAN. He’s PLAYING me.  Playing games with my brain and making me think about him and miss him and blah blah blah garbage garbage. But I FALL for it. I fall for every text and call and nice comment. I eat that shit up. WHY? I hate it.
I’m not good at games, or thinking about men.
So now I think I need to write a romance.

But when writing a romance, does one talk about the games? The confusion? The heartache?

The dating world is so different now. Everyone’s using apps and have all these artificial relationships.
Is that what needs to happen in a romance novel?
Is that what romance IS?

I just don’t get it. Dating, or writing, romance.
All I know is this…. My character WILL find an amazing person.
One who makes her crazy and a little confused. But he’ll mostly just love her.

And then Mom and I will hunt down that person’s doppelganger, and make them love us.


Okay. Over and out.


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Well, well, well! Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is about my one millionth VD.

And for the first time in a long, long time and I am going to be a-okay with not getting one love letter or love card or box of chocolates. A nice place to be, actually.


So–about writing.

That’s what we’re doing here today. And every day we post, for that matter.


First–I think some of you were going to post something for today. Hop to it, Lovers! We’re waiting to read your schtuff!


And also I am going to post something today about SEX.

Yes, SEX.

Because guess why?

Because here’s why.
When I started this new book that I’m getting ready to send to my Secret Agent Steve, I thought–and actually announced to my fellow writers and daughters, “This book will have sex in it.”

That’s what I said.

“This book will have sex in it.”

I said it with pride and a little bit of surprise.


Side note: I have one person who is extremely worried that I have sold my soul to Satan for all the money I have made because of writing sexy stuff and hard stuff and dark stuff and stuff stuff. I do hope my soul is worth way more than I’ve gotten because we are barely scraping by. But . . . perhaps that is another post.


So back to the other thing. I said, “This book will have sex in it.”

My bestie Cheri said, “Okay.”

My other bestie, Rick, grinned at me.

Kyra said, “Cool. Me, too. I’m gonna have sex in my book.”

I said, “What do you know of sex?”

She said, “And drinking and drugs.”

I said, “What do you know of drinking and drugs?”

She said, “I can ask around, you know, Mom?”

Little did I know that I would need to ask around, too.


I’ve got the draft done (and the rewrite very close to being done) and I don’t have one sex scene. Not one! I do have some sexy scenes (I think). Or else they are way depressing scenes.

Anyway, I do have scenes in the book, but NO sex.

Dang it. No soul selling.


(Dear Heavenly Father,

I love my soul. I love You. Very, very much.

I will do only what the story requires.

But You know that.




So, try as I might, I have not been able to write anything more than some nice, depressed, kissing scenes. One girl. Two boys. But not at the same time.



My good friend Jandy Nelson will have to write all the edgy, sexy-ish stuff. I just don’t know what I’m doing.


And the story, really, never took me in that direction.


The truth is, I have tried to stay true to my story and to my soul.

For me, that has always been what my stories are about. The truth as I saw it.

Even when it meant neighbors telling me they’d never let their kids read my books. Even when it meant that I’d get a letter or two about people who wanted me to be careful about my soul.


BTW– look at this:

Sold . . .  Souled



(Sigh again) This is as close to sex as I will ever get.

In my writing. And in my life, also.

So there.


I’m off (later) to buy myself a box of chocolates and then spend the day with my girls and spritzing Fabreeze around my closed-in house (Come on, Spring!).


A best Love Day to you all.

And Happiest Writing, too!!!!!



Your Lover Girl


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