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Three Things Thursday

1. Well, how did it go with the plotting? Did you have fun? I know, I know, the day isn’t over yet.

But here’s the thing. You now need to look back through your ideas and decide which one you want to spend time writing starting . . . wait for it . . . TOMORROW!

So pick and choose carefully.

Use the day to plan or pray or burn candles over your plots so you can decide on the best idea for you to write during NaNoWriMo.


2. For a couple of years now we have discussed how many words one needs to write a day in order to accomplish a 50,000 word count.

And for a couple of years we have used our own rules to play at the NaNoWriMo game. What will you do? Choose the traditional 50,000 words? Or participate in a different way? You know what I’m gonna do.

I have three goals for November.

1. write half a George and Gracie book with Cheri

2. complete the ghost story I started a little while ago and haven’t finished. I might have 15-20 written pages on that. If that many.

3.finish a rewrite of a book IF the new publisher wants it. I should know this pretty soon. Like in a couple of weeks.

NOTE: Notice, please, that I have less control over two of my goals. That makes those two goals RISKY BUSINESS. It’s always best to make goals you can manage because YOU are in charge completely.


3.If you write every day of November you need to pen 1666.66667 words a day. (Satan! And on Halloween, too!)

If you take one day off a week (and I encourage you to rest on your Sabbath), you need to write 1923.07 words a day.

If you take off weekends, you need to write 2272.72727 words a day.


Three Three-Things-Thursday Hints

1. Write first thing in the morning


3. Gift yourself time to write. You deserve to compete and play and write. Right?


We will try say something encouraging each day (not including the weekends) of NaNoWriMo. Or give writing hints. Or prompts. Or complain. Or do anything that will help (and us!) succeed.


And your stories look AMAZING. I thought we were supposed to turn in tonight. I’m a dumb-dumb!


Get ready. Get set . . .


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