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Merry Christmas Day 5

Ann Dee always makes it snow on our site at this time of year. Have you noticed?

Once, when I was in Florida (which is where I grew up) is got so cold the water dripping from our hose (to keep the pipes from freezing) formed a four-foot icicle. Mom and I were so surprised, and excited, we took a picture by frozen water.

Imagine your character has never seen snow. It’s her very first experience. In 250 words, write about this event, using all the senses. If you only know snow, you are going to have to stretch. If you’ve never touched or walked through snow, or seen 25 foot snow drifts on the side of the road, you’re going to have stretch, too.

Here’s is the second part of the challenge. Think outside the box. No glistening. No freezing. No sparkling (Geez. Am I describing a vampire?). Make this new and original.



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Planning Ahead. Me?

That’s right.

NaNoWriMo this year will find me doing something I’ve never done before. Planning ahead. What have I ever planned ahead? Even my daughters came earlier than their due dates.

We have a week before glorious November is here. So much going on in that month. My Nana’s birthday. My great-grandmother’s birthday. My momma’s birthday. Thanksgiving. Eating. ONE WEEK OFF SCHOOL!


This November we have a lot planned and our WIFYR Newsletter tells you some of those things. Here are a few excerpts.

“First, Carol Lynch Williams will be hosting a NaNo Write In on November 2, 9, 16, 30 (these are all Wednesdays) from 7-9 pm. For more information on this event and more, check out Carol’s website: http://www. carollynchwilliams.com/ workshops.

Second, WIFYR is hosting a reward party! Our group goal is 400,000 words OR, if you’re in the middle of a masterpiece, a second group is editing 2000 pages (8 pages a day per person). All who meet their goals are invited to come to the reward party. Whether your goal is 20,000 words or the full 50,000, or you’re editing 8 pages a day or 15, this month is a good time to reach your goals. Click here to join the group or email us at wifyrdoesnano@gmail.com.

Third, the Byron Ghost Story Challenge! One hundred and ninety eight years ago, on a rainy night in Switzerland, Lord Byron challenged Percy and Mary Shelley to a ghost story writing contest. Thanks to that chilling night,  Frankenstein and Manfred were born. WIFYR extends the same challenge to YOU. Come to BYU on October 27th at 7:00 in 4068 JFSB and we will write scary stories together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with a great idea for NaNoWriMo. Or maybe you’ll come up with the next Frankenstein!”

Now for me. This year my goal is to finish the two novels I’ve been thinking about since this summer. One is a YA murder mystery. (Someone dies!) I have about 1,000 words written on it AND a full outline in my head. The 2nd is a mid-grade novel. I have about 8,000 words on it and had NO idea where I am headed. Then I had a breakthrough and so HA! maybe I know what to do for it.


Over the next week I plan to plan.

And I’ll take you on that planning adventure.

So let’s go, Everyone. We have books to write.


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Three Things Thursday

So now we are thinking of:

1. maybe meeting every other week and writing memoirs together.


guess what?

YOU wouldn’t have to write on a memoir.

YOU could write on your novel.

All this has to happen AFTER the conference (www.wifyr.com). By then I HAVE to be settled or I can’t do it. But let’s pretend I find a place soon, move in, prepare for the conference and etc.


2. I am getting ready (at 10 am–in just a few minutes) to try something I am not sure will work.

But if you would all think good thoughts, pray, chant, whatever you do for others.

I need this concentrated effort because I am getting ready to do something I have never done before.

It has to do with praying, and praying that I can get a home, and it’s sort of selfish.

I can’t explain more–but it has to do with my dream home.



I know July is a month of parties, hot weather, resting from Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers, traveling and etc. But I think we will be ready for our next marathon when that month rolls around.

Not sure yet if we will take the month, a week, a few days or what. But I am letting you know now.

So mark July.

Cross out the 4 and 24 (if you are in Utah).

Start thinking of your goals. How will you work around family travels? What do you most want to accomplish?

We’ll be writing together. And, I think, reading together.



And to end, here’s an interview all about me by a fellow VCFA graduate, Ginger Johnson, who is very cute, a great writer and a terrific dancer.



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