Ann Dee

1. Ann Dee eats tomato sandwiches every day and forces her boys to do the same.
2. Ann Dee used to yell “I’m running away!” to her older eight siblings as they sat around watching TV. She’d then hide in the blanket closet and wait for them to come looking for her. They never did except for the one time she fell asleep and they actually called the cops. That’s love.
3. Ann Dee has a hard time writing in paragraphs. This was a big problem in college.
4. Ann Dee is scared of seaweed.
5. Ann Dee is currently working on a very scary book that is due out spring after next.


FAQs to come in a long time because Ann Dee doesn’t frequently get asked questions.

She has two books out now: THIS IS WHAT I DID: and EVERYTHING IS FINE both published by Little, Brown.

Her awesome agent is Mr. Edward Necarsulmer IV and her awesome editor is Nancy Conescu.

Her third book, tentatively called THE SILENCE PACT, will be out spring 2012 which is right around the corner people.

10 responses to “Ann Dee

  1. Dale Ross

    Dear Ann,
    I so enjoyed your talk at For Young Readers. Here’s the video I made and you have a starring role. I put a link to you and Carol’s blog. It’s a start.

    Dale Ross

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  3. You are seriously magically photogenic. (And don’t tell Carol how many adverbs I just used.)

  4. I am getting very excited for book #3. I’m probably one of Ann Dee’s biggest fans. Plus I happen to know that this is not her real hair.

  5. Dear Ann Dee,

    I love this bloggy blog updated thing that is going on with the new pictures and fun times. Good work.

  6. Glenn Gordon

    Dear Ann

    I am researching LDS YA fiction for my doctorate in Melbourne Australia and I wanted you to know that I loved This is What I Did. I think the book is tremendously powerful. Thank you for writing it. I now have a copy of your Everything is Fine and look forward to reading that as well. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Do you have any thoughts about being an LDS writer on the national stage?

    Best wishes for your future,

    Glenn Gordon

  7. Emily Buhler

    I have to say, I am a super fan of number 2 on the info. I think you must have been an awesome child to know 🙂

  8. sueburton

    You’re afraid of seaweed? Surely that’s a question you frequently get asked.

  9. Shar

    look how much has happened in the past five years! ❤


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