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by | August 22, 2017 · 11:12 am

Being Nice to Yourself

Ladies and Gents,

I’m a big believer in being kind to yourself. Did you miss a day? Maybe even two? What??!! Three???? GASP!

Not really.

Don’t despair.

We love you and you are not off the hook. Here is what you do:

Start again today.

I had a rough week with many things like ketchup and eclipses and laundry and people going in and out of school for various reasons and two littles following me around. It was not the perfect week HOWEVER, I am soldiering on. I am adding minutes to make up for days I was short and I am eating lots of cherry tomatoes.

So, start today.

Don’t worry about yesterday (unless you burned your eyes–if that’s the case, go see a doctor) and let’s keep going!


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Writing Challenge, Monday Hint

Did you get your goal number of words for last week?

Did you write everyday?

Have you five hours writing logged?

Is your goal where you can see it?

Hint: Do not stare into the sun during the eclipse. Damage can occur in moments.

Another hint: Do not sing Total Eclipse of the Heart. CORNY!

(Now I will have to sing that dumb song. I will change the words to Turn around blind eyes in case one of you looks at the eclipse today.)


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Writing Challenge, Saturday Hint

Questions–Is your story unfolding naturally? Or are you forcing it a certain way?

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Three Thing Thursday


Today was a little bit harder than yesterday. I didn’t  get writing as soon as I would have liked to, and then family was here. I do have a super cute baby living in my house.

Hint: stick to the schedule you set up for yourself. Perhaps you will be able to make this writing time for the next 30 or so days into a real habit.

Hint: write the title of this book you’re working on a 3 x 5 card. Use block letters. Post this title where you can see it every time you sit down to work on your book.

Wrasslers Gals


Carol Lynch Williams

If I see this every single time I sit down to work, I can imagine this middle grade novel coming to life, being printed, and finding its way into the hands of little girls.

Do this with you WIP.

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Writing Tips

Is everyone writing their little fingers off? Keep up the good work! Soon you’ll have a shiny new manuscript that will become a shiny new book! Check out my writing tips below to keep up the momentum.

1. Make yourself a solid playlist.
I know that a lot of writers need complete silence when they write, but I am not one of those writers. I need some background noise, and it can’t be TV, or children screaming, either. Before drafting a novel, I like to create a playlist on my spotify that I can turn on whenever I sit down to write.

2. Snack out.
Having snacks handy when you’re doing a writing marathon is a MUST. It’s also nice to reward yourself with a sweet treat.

3. Shut off the distractions.
Turn the WIFI off your laptop and set airplane mode on your cell phone. By doing that it will actually help get your brain prepare for distraction-free writing

4. Set a timer.
Ann Dee mentioned this in an earlier post. Someone gave me an hour glass last year for Christmas, and it’s been a godsend. Mine doesn’t do a full hour, but it’s still great to have.

5. Just do it. 
Writing can be difficult, but if you tell yourself that you can do it, that this is your passion, it makes it a lot easier.

If you have any writing tips, please share!


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Today is the day!!!

Are you ready?

Have you set aside time?

Are you prepared to battle the urge to look at social media or get some food or straighten up the office (the only time I feel like cleaning is when it’s time to write)?

Remember, it’s one hour, every day, for the next month. One hour. If you have to do it in 15 minute increments, IT STILL COUNTS!

Here’s my tip for today: Push through. If you get stuck, keep going. Or write something else. But keep writing. Don’t stop.

Here is one more tip but it’s not really a tip because I don’t know how to use it yet: I recently was told about todoist. This is a website/app that lets you organize your checklists and things you need to get done. It can be daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly/yearly tasks. I can see this as a great asset for getting writing in daily. Also for planning what you want to write when. You could add in reading assignments, craft things you want to study, goals you want to make, etc. I’m going to try it and see if it helps me. If you end up using it and liking it, let us know.

So, when are you going to write each day? Commit! For me it’s going to be different every day because of my life but I’m going to make it happen. Today it’s 10:30-11:30. xoxox


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