Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

I feel sad about Luann passing away, but I hope that there is a better place and that she’s there. Happy and reading amazing books.

I’m trying to look at the positives in my writing this week, and in life in general. Life is so short and so fragile, I can’t spend the rest of mine feeling sorry for myself.

So this week has been better.

I’ve been writing. I’m so close to the end of this book I can almost {almost!} see it. I’ll be happy to go on to rewrites, which usually are the hardest part for me. It’s weird that I’m actually looking forward to them.

This morning, I poached my first egg. It turned out okay, my second poached egg turned out perfect. Me and the boy I am sort of dating fought over the perfect egg. {I ended up giving it to him because I am trying to be happier and nicer. See? Look how good I’m doing}

I binged-watched one of my favorite shows last night, it’s called GIRLS and it’s about a writer who’s my age and is torn between life and writing and dating and blah blah blah. It’s such a good show. And parts of it feels so real. {And of course other parts don’t feel real at all. But that’s okay because it’s funny as hell.}

As much as my job pisses me off, I’m trying to look at the good in it. There are so many nice people that I work with {and maybe not so many nice customers. But that’s okay.} at least I’m making a little bit of income and that’s good. Hopefully enough so I can fix this not-so-great tattoo on my leg next month {iwishiwish} and actually buy groceries!

I’m just so happy to be surrounded by so many great people. Great authors. Great friends. Great books.

Every little bit of encouragement I get about my writing pushes me so much further. My agent wrote me a lovely email this week and made me smile and happy and gave me faith that I can DO this. Whether I sell a book this year, next year, or ten years from now, {i really freaking hope that isn’t the case…but still} I can DO this.

We can ALL do this!


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3 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee

  1. Keep up the positive attitude Kyra! Sending love your way! Good luck with finishing your book!

  2. I get an email from “Tut” (calls himself “The Universe”) every morning and this was today’s:

    Lynne, no one can be both happy and unhappy at the same time, right?

    One blights the other.

    So here’s what we do: Pick ANY reason to be happy, and unhappiness gets locked out.

    And we do it forever.

    Yeah, “OMG!!!”
    The Universe

    So, be happy about the poached egg and that you were so nice to give it away and let the worry/aggravation go. And, hey, you have an agent–one who believes in you. You have the perfect mother/coach. More reasons to be happy. You are young and have good health. You have a job. You are bright and interesting and talented and you work hard. Happy, happy everywhere. Lucky you.

  3. A Ro

    Your writing is top notch. You will definitely sell a book!


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