The Day of Accountability

So what did you do this week as far as writing?

Ann Dee let having a baby get in the way.

I let moving out of the house I was supposed to move into get in the way.

But what about you–the faithful writer who gets her pages done, no matter what?

Let us know what you accomplished.


Remember how I keep saying, I am going to read this summer.

(Maybe I am only saying that here at home.

Well, I mean it.)


Something to peruse:



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4 responses to “The Day of Accountability

  1. I started writing a new book on Saturday and I’m already up to 19K. Yay, finally something good to report!

  2. Bruce Luck

    It took me all weekend, and a couple of nights during the week, but I got my 2nd to last chapter re-written and sent off to my critique group. This is still the March Maddness writing I started.

  3. sueburton

    I’m not sure what happened. I was signed up to follow the blog and then I stopped getting emails, so I haven’t been here in awhile.

    I spent last week doing revisions. I will spend this week doing revisions. I have some help from Kerry and Michelle H, and they are wonderful.

    I’m distressed to discover that you still don’t have a home, Carol. My advice: get some little children to pray for you. Fast Sunday is coming up, so I will remember you in my fast.

  4. benschwensch

    Family “interference” this week: Memorial Day required Sunday trip to Ogden Cemetery to meet my brother & his family; also took daughter to SL cemetery Monday to her dad’s grave. Later rescued same daughter by taking her much of my “year’s supply” of food. Good thing I had it! More time visiting wheel-chair bound brother (in Alpine) on Thursday, only to discover Herb’s son, a trucker, was coming through Saturday & needed to be picked up, fed, visited with, and returned to truck later.

    Spent Tuesday getting car serviced for trip to CA. Cleaning up some business with Thanksgiving Point.

    Saturday: time with old, OLD friends and “newish” neighbors by way of a walk through of the old and NEW Granger HS buildings joined by the Class of ’63 50th anniversary of graduating (that was my first teaching job—was greeted with former students asking me which graduating class I was in, as my face looked familiar!). Had to hurry home to join neighborhood, briefly, in the annual “Opening of summer pool party. Tuesday “viewing” of a former writer-friend who’d passed away. (Put me in the mood, I guess—spent the next evening with funeral home directors looking at “pre-planning” for the inevitable.) Thursday evening went to farewell party for a more recent “former” student/writer, whose book is coming out in July, by which time she’ll have moved to Florida.

    BETWEEN all those, I did get first chapter rewritten, and critiqued by two different critique groups—both felt it was much more coherent. Got a little more reading of suggested writing books done for WIFYR—but still TOO much to do, along with TOO little time . . . have to send everything in by Wednesday!


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