And So My Vacation Begins

I have been so tired, I’ve been unable to  to do much of anything. I HAVE taken naps, though. Sometimes two a day. I rarely, rarely nap.

Who would think a month and a half of traveling and conferencing and visiting and writing could be so tiring?

Last week I mentioned my goal making in my little writing world. I begin today. Will you play with me?

What is your big writing goal for July?

We have just over two weeks left.

I have another goal. It’s a secret that only my daughters know–and one friend.

I’m not sure how to make this happen, but I’m going to put my mind to making it happen.

Do you have a secret goal?

How will you accomplish it?

Finally, here is a yummy salad:

cold watermelon, cut in thick slabs

topped with arugala

balsamic vinegar to taste (you can reduce this and make a stronger dressing)

blue cheese crumbles or feta crumbles.

DANGED good!


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