Dinner and a Movie

Last night was terrific fun.

We had a lot of people show. If we keep doing these, I bet we’ll get a full room. (I’m thinking of another restaurant next time. Just to change things up?)

What do you think about us asking someone to come and read from their pubbed novel next time?

What if, instead of all of us reading, we did a mini-write-a-thon? What if someone spoke on craft?


We should have planned to have Ann Dee read from HER fabulous novel.


You were inspiring all. I loved the fresh voices I heard, the original details and the story you each conveyed in just a few words. It will be lovely to hold your books in my hands–or watch your plays.

Keep writing. We’ll do another one of these in a couple of months.

And we’ll have something writerly happen very soon.

Right, Ann Dee?



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4 responses to “Dinner and a Movie

  1. Oddstuffs

    So much fun!
    Those all sound like great ideas. Let’s do them.

  2. A wonderful evening. We could even have Carol read. I understand she has a thing or two pubbed to read from.

  3. benschwensch

    It was VERY nice — so wonderful to spend some relaxed time with WRITERS ! ! ! Thanks, Carol, for setting this all up.

  4. i like all of those ideas. thank you for planning the evening!


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