Time to Write: Questions to See if You Want It

1. Is writing your job? Or is it a hobby?

2. Do you want it to your job? Do you treat writing like it’s your job?

3. How important is it that you publish?

4. Say three reason why it’s important to publish?

5. Do you set writing goals?

6. Do you keep them?

7. Do you sacrifice for writing?

8. What do you sacrifice?

9. What inspires you to write?

10. How do you get through the icky middles of your pieces?

11. What is the main thing you need to change to be a more committed writer?

12. Will you change that main thing so you can write?

13. Do you listen and take constructive criticism?

14. Do you read?

15. Do you love to have written?



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One response to “Time to Write: Questions to See if You Want It

  1. I love writing so much, and I’m willing to sacrifice a lot to do it. But lately I’ve been contemplating what other people (like my family) have to sacrifice for me to do what I want. It’s tougher.


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