Shower Books

Hello Everyone.

Speaking of dreams, my four year old bumped into me at five thirty in the morning on his way to the bathroom. 

I said, Hey.

he said, Hey. 

Then he said, I had a dream where me and my friend Rena went into the forest with a robot who had a pizza for a face and then when we came out, his face was only a plate. 

I said: Oh.

And he said: Yeah. 

Then he went pee. 

All day I’ve been thinking about this pizza face robot. What happened to his face? Did they eat his face? That’s sad. Or maybe they met up with some kind of magic and he became his true real self–a plate-faced robot.  There are so many ways this story could go and all from a four year old’s dream. 

I think I’ll write a picture book about it make a million trillion dollars.

In other news, being alone.

I think it’s good to be alone. Especially if it gives you time to think about your book and your ideas and your dreams.

Sometimes WE THINK it’s hard to find time to be alone WE THINK WE THINK but today I realized there are lots of small moments that i have to myself. Like, the shower. Sometimes. Or when I do the laundry and someone is asleep and someone else is reading a book or watching a show. Or in the car when I run for milk. There are moments, there are times. 

This week I am making the goal to use my alone time. Specifically my shower time. I am going to focus completely on my writing when I’m in the shower. When I get out, I am going to write down every stinking thing that popped into my head. I might even get a laminated notebook and velcro it to my shower wall. Or maybe not. But I’m going to be dedicated. 

Who is with me? Think of all the brilliant ideas we’ll have if we just focus our energy for the few minutes we have with warm water pouring over us. I think it might change my life. 

Also, one day, i will have a writing/running half marathon (or five miler) Run half a mile (so much alone time! So much brainstorming!), write a scene, run another half mile (the plot gets even better!), another scene, etc. etc.. At the end, we all sit around and drink chocolate milk for recovery and read our stories to each other. Wouldn’t that be dreamy? 

Maybe after this baby. 



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5 responses to “Shower Books

  1. I have a waterproof notebook and pen in my shower…it’s where I do my best thinking. Except I caught my husband in the shower writing me a love note in said notebook. Cute thought, but intrusive, no? (Him writing in my book–not me looking at him in the shower) 🙂

  2. CLW

    There are pens you can take in the shower with you and write on the wall (tile). FYI.
    And I have solved many book problems in the shower.

  3. Yes! The shower. I have been known to come rushing out of the, ahem, toilet with a fantastic need to find a pen and paper. But I do my best book plotting when I’m running or swimming. Nothing else distracts me. I don’t run with music, and while I’m swimming, I can’t hear anything but the water. It’s a brilliant way to have some alone and productive time.

    I find myself alone for a few hours a day while my youngest is at kindergarten, but it is much harder to think because there’s laundry, dishes and the internet.

    I think the shower is a nice idea.

  4. Oh, Anndee, I love your posts. And I’ve missed reading this blog!

    Hmmmmm, alone and quiet and non-rushed shower time. It’s a mother’s Shangri-La, right?

    Good luck with your goal! I think I’ll give it a shot, too.


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