The Day of Accountability

So, Everyone, how is the writing?

Let us know what you accomplished last week in the work on your novels.


I haven’t done 8 hours a day, but I have tried.

My best job, being a mom, stops me from writing.

The constant moving stops me from writing.

The worry of the lawsuit stops me from writing.

Preparing for class stops me from writing.

Callings in my church stops me from writing.

Duck Dynasty stops me from writing.

Cooking, cleaning and laundry stops me from writing.

The list goes on and on.

We all know that you can’t do EVERYTHING, right?

Way back in the olden days I was a professional interpreter for the Deaf. When I started having children and publishing, I knew I have to give something up.

I love writing, so I make time for that.

I love my girls more, so that is where my real time goes.


and it’s a big however

we must be able to do our jobs as writers like we would do our jobs as bankers or dentists or pilots.


How do YOU accomplish your writing goals?




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8 responses to “The Day of Accountability

  1. Whitney Smith

    I try to work on my manuscript every day, whether it’s making revisions or moving the story forward. I work best when I have a deadline so it’s great that I am a part of a writing group that gives me just that. I make sure I have a chapter ready for each meeting. In between them, I take time to apply the revisions given me by my group and move the story forward. My writing is coming along a lot better because of this.

  2. What’s slowing me down? Tuesday drove down to Cedar City to see the three original plays they do readings of in this week only: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,10am. ALL were TERRIFIC! Driving almost daily to St. George so we can see the Tuacahn shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday morning, tomorrow, we’ll head east to Alabama to see Herb’s family.

    Still made some days on; tomorrow, I’m getting back on it DAILY through Sept. I’ll see what I can fix about my contest piece—still want to have it done by Oct. 1, if possible…but won’t be back in Utah until JUST before League of Utah Writers convention—so the month’s shot until the 15th, other than what I can write on the road. I’ll start teaching writing privately on the 17th.

  3. Zack Terry

    I always have a notebook that goes everywhere I go. Wherever my body is, my notebook is sitting next to me. I write more some days than others, and my days vary so that some days I am engaged in activities that require my complete attention, but regardless my notebook is always there. I have just tried to ensure that I will never have an idea that goes unwritten. I will never have the urge to write while I go throughout my days, without the capability to fulfill that desire. I don’t use it to continuously write long uninterrupted passages, but I do write excerpts and use it to brainstorm and things like that.


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