Thursday Night

I am actually writing this before bed once. Probably because ever since I started taking my sleeping pills I haven’t been able to get out of bed before 12:00. And that isn’t good for a Friday morning post.

So, I applied for four jobs in the past two days. One of them are bound to call me. . . right? Ugh. I don’t know. That’s not what the post is about.

I watched two movies tonight with my boyfriend. He of course fell asleep ten seconds into the second one. {The Book of Eli. Which by the way I suggest you all watch. Freaking awesome!}

The other movie was based on a novel. The movie was called Perfume. It had a giant orgy at the end. Everything else was good. Probably because Alan Rickman was in it. {He kicks a butt.}

While watching these two movies that had to do with books in someway, it made me think of a post.

BOOKS THAT SHOULD BE MADE INTO MOVIES! {Vol.1} {I’m sure I’ll write more as I read.}

What are some books that you’ve read and thought, “wow that would make a great movie?”
Spill it, guys! I would love to know. Because I’m going to post the ones I was thinking in just a moment….
Okay a moment has passed.

Miles From Ordinary

The Chosen One

{Do you see a pattern here? ha ha }

Cracked Up to Be

FEED!!!!! I wish SOOOO much this was a movie! Come on!

{oh, wait they made this into a movie…it was awful!}

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

White Cat


I would say The Sky is Everywhere…but that would be just one of those movies where you wished there was an actor as good as Jandy’s writing.
I don’t think that makes sense……OH WELL.

There are a million. Sorry I didn’t put in a lot of fantasy novels. . .most of those are made into movies anyway :p

So that’s it. I’ll post music tomorrow!



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3 responses to “Thursday Night

  1. Ender’s Game for sure. That is good movie material. I like all of your suggestions too.

  2. Carol

    Let’s see.
    Skin Hunger
    Mr. President Goes to School
    My brain isn’t working.
    If it ever works again, I’ll add more.

  3. Kyra

    I never read Ender’s Game. I think I’m the only one.
    I forgot about Thirsty. That’d make a GREAT movie!


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