Three Things Wednesday

1. We may have a new baby soon.
Yes, I have sort of adopted (from a distance) Ann Dee’s son. I’m sure Cam won’t mind if I love him (the baby).
So, when this great event happens . . . well, we’ll let you know.

2. Kyra is very disappointed that Ann Dee didn’t wait until her birthday–May 1, 2011.
I thought she should have him Sept 28, 2011. Ann Dee refused to be pregnant four more months.
No one ever listens to me.

3. Ann Dee has no idea I am doing any of this but I just wanted to say how smart Ann Dee is.
Sometimes we do school visits together and when educated people talk, Ann Dee understands what they’re saying.
(I sit there with a frozen look on face, nodding, like I know what was just said.
Please, please, please don’t ask me my opinion.)
Not Ann Dee. She participates and looks people in the eye and makes smart (not smart-aleck–not sure how to spell that. Ann Dee would know.) comments back.
She knows all kinds of smart words.

Ann Dee is an amazing mother. Her boys love her and she is absolutely devoted to them.
I’ve seen evidence of this over and over.
Ann Dee makes me wish my girls were little again because maybe I could do a better job like she does.
Some things don’t matter.
Did she learn this from her amazing mother?

It goes without saying that Ann Dee is a stunning writer.
We all know that.
Last night I read a book that I got at a conference. It’s a mid-grade, sort of a dystopian book and that novel was AWFUL. AWFUL.
I mean the words were okay.
But the sound and feel of the book were all . . . wrong.

It’s kind of funny (and not ha ha funny). I’ve always been a word girl. Anyone who’s read this blog or taken a class from me knows that.
Give me strong language, give me strong voice, give me a great story.
Well, Ann Dee does all that.
She twists you apart with her language.
She makes you think.
You wonder, “How did she do all that in those few words?”
That’s my third thing about Ann Dee.

But I could go on and on.
Talk about her devotion to Cam and her mom and dad and her brothers and sisters.
I could talk about how she loves a good book.
How funny she is.
How she makes Cheri Pearl Earl laugh her guts out just by making a face.
How when I listen to her talk, I’m amazed at what’s important.
How she endures to all kinds of ends.
How she runs races and wants to exercise and gives amazing talks and and and.

Can you tell I adore Ann Dee Ellis?
I do.
I really do.

And I canNOT wait to see that tiny little baby Carol. He’s going to be wonderful.


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10 responses to “Three Things Wednesday

  1. That’s very touching. I hope I get to meet you both someday.

    Plus, there’s something about being a smart-aleck? You know? It’s almost as good as being smart (at least in my book).

    Good luck to Ann Dee on her labor/delivery stuff!

  2. Dan

    Baby Milo was born last night. Everyone is doing great!

  3. I want another baby. They’re the best things ever.
    Also, I adore Ann Dee, too.
    Having 3 little boys is a little nuts. I remember trying
    to hold the babiest one on my lap at church while the other
    two tried to manuever their way onto my lap and hang on my neck.
    Now they all try to lean on my shoulder or lay their head on my lap.
    My daughter is everything to me, and at the same time, I’m so glad to
    have my boys.

    Good luck, Ann Dee.

  4. Charlotte

    Boys are scary. I never want one. But I will probably end up with at least seven or eight because my husband really wants a baseball team and he’s a better person than I am so he’ll probably get his prayers answered.

    And I like Ann Dee too, even if I’m happy enough to let her keep her baby. Good luck.

    P.S. The desire to exercise is a very admirable trait in a mother. I strive to cultivate it.

  5. What a great tribute, Carol! I hope to see you both at WIFYR! Ann Dee, best of luck with the delivery. Boys are awesome! (So are girls. You can’t lose.)

  6. Thanks Carol. I love you and you are way too nice. Way. Baby Milo Carol says hello.

  7. See but Ann Dee is sneaky smart. She downplays her strengths and instead focuses on the fact (FACT) that she loses her phone once a month (week?) and sometimes keys, too…while behind all that is a genius. A real genius. And like you said – she says so much in so few words. If I could have half her brain I’d be upgrading.

  8. jen

    I agree Carol, you said it all. And I love both of you!

  9. Rachel

    Ann Dee is great. I agree wholeheartedly 😉


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