Day Three, continued!

You did it! Another day almost complete. Congratulations.

Tonight, write a list of ALL the things you accomplished with your writing.

Here’s my list:

1. Moved the story around so that it’s in the right order now.

2. Did the necessary research for 1972.

3. Added almost my goal for word count (I’ll finish before the evening is over).

4. Looked up some terrific quotes for the blog.

5. ENJOYED the writing.

We’d love to hear what you did today.

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a little of what my novel is about. I used a few of McKay’s announcement in a Las Vegas scene.


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One response to “Day Three, continued!

  1. Revised and put back a piece I’d decided to cut. Worked on adding emotion. Gave myself permission to write without worrying about it–fix it later. Wrote a scene where a ghost whispers her story to an author who writes it down for his next book. Fun!
    A little behind word count if you don’t count the revised scene.
    Am in icky middle. Sigh.


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