Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee–Day Four, continued!

Even when you feel like crap.
I had a horrible flu on Tuesday that was followed by a horrible horrible cold {Maybe cancer..who knows!?}. I swear I’m sick with something new every week.
But I wrote yesterday.
And I’m writing today.
I did what Mom said. I sat and thought about my story. Maybe I only pondered it for five minutes. But it helped. Because I kind of have an idea of what’s going to happen.
Kind of.
Some tips that have helped me get re-inspired {Even though I am far from that…}
I added something real to my story. As in, something that just happened to me.
It doesn’t have to be some huge event in your life, but it’s so much easier to add stuff that you know {don’t we all already know this? I seem to forget it a lot more than I should….}
I took some feelings from my dreams I’ve been having and sort of added those in. {I don’t have fun dreams about winning money. I mostly just dream and cry in my sleep} But it always helps me find some sort of emotion for my character. Does this sound ridiculous? Well, yes. But it has actually helped me a lot.
I’ve been reading again.
This, and I SWEAR, really is the most helpful thing. It just . . . inspires me. Helps my brain stop being a jerk and work with me. Reading, you are the greatest thing a writer has.
Another thing I’ve been doing {And this is the last, I swear} is tell myself… “You’re going to write for this long, and then you can take a fifteen minute break to check Reddit. But then it’s back to work you go!”
Sometimes I break my own rules. But lately, it’s helped keep me less distracted.
All right people! Let’s keep writing.


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3 responses to “Kyra Leigh, Queen Bee–Day Four, continued!

  1. sueburton

    I must be a member of the “sounds ridiculous” club too, because what you’re saying doesn’t sound ridiculous to me. (Including thinking, “I probably have cancer,” whenever I get sick.)

    I am leery of posting my goals and progress because not only am I paranoid, but I have such trouble sticking to them. I don’t want people to know how specifically I have failed to do what I thought I could.

    Nevertheless, I will say that though my first chapter has been plaguing me for months, I think I can finally get some respite from it. Yesterday I had The Breakthrough. Rewrote the chapter for the billionth time (really maybe only the eighth COMPLETE time) and now I think I can move on to the rest of the revisions.

  2. When I took a class from your mom, one of my favorite writing tips from her was to read, read, read. It’s so true. I’m a better writer when I’m reading. And I love having an excuse to read, read, read.

    I’m marathoning, but I’m hating the story I’m working on, when I used to love it. What does this say about the book? Ha ha! I must remember what Mark Twain said about writing, “First drafts are always s#*t!” So true, Mark. My first draft certainly doesn’t smell like roses. We have to remember the hardest part is getting it all out. Only once the words are on paper, can they be crafted into something that is the opposite of dog doo.

    Keep on going! Write until your fingers hurt!

  3. benschwensch

    After our 3-day marathon, neither my husband nor I made our word-count goal: however, we both made substantial gains in word count; we both discovered some new scenes/incidents/characters we didn’t know were going to be in our respective books; and we both—missed goals not withstanding—decided to take today off. This admission is my way of absolving my guilt: went to the recreation center & signed up for the new year; went to visit my brother (who is ill and confined to home) for several hours; gave ourselves permission NOT to go to another meeting tonight. We’re even planning on watching a couple of our favorite TV series’ episodes to relax. Tomorrow, we begin again with daily word count goals (AND exercise goals), to carry us through the half-marathon. I was calling our 3-day thing The Write-a-Thom, or The Wr-a-Th for short: and don’t you think we should ALL write like “mad”??? Careful, or the Wr-a-Th will get you, if you don’t watch out!


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